questionshow much would you pay for perfect health?


If your body does not deteriorate, does that mean you can live forever if you play your cards right?


Nothing. I hate my life and wish I was never born. My parents didn't ask me if I wanted to be born and it wasn't my decision to come into this world. So now I'm stuck in this life and I just have to make the best of it while I'm here.

Why would I pay to live longer?


In answer to the original question, I don't think I'd pay anything at all, thanks. Life is full of surprises. After I wrote the check, I can foresee the following possibilities:

Earthquake, and all the horrible possibilities that go along with it.
Tornadoes. Do I really have to go into this one?

Floods, Fires, Famines... The potential list here is endless, and that's only the big ones. There's all the little possibilities in life, as well. Armed robberies gone wrong, drunk drivers out looking to provide you with a trip to the emergency room, and any number of other surprises that life holds for you, day to day.

I'd rather just continue to lead the life I leave right now. I have pretty good health, but I work at it. I take nothing for granted. You know what they say: "Any day above ground is a good day."


@shrdlu: But if you were a vampire, none of those things you listed would kill you.


@cengland0: My reply only covered reality, this is true. Accidental death and harm, however, governs even the lives of fictional characters (and vampires are a device of fiction, not of myth).

[Edit] The question itself is not a myth, but is an interesting thought device to consider in the middle of the night. It's one I would have ignored, had not your first response made me sad. I see all sorts of people that believe somehow that spending enough money will buy them health.

A good life is determined by so very many things, and certainly poor health can adversely affect the quality of life, but (as I pointed out) life is full of unexpected events, some good, some bad.


@shrdlu: The whole question is a myth. You cannot pay for perfect health.


I don't know, but it probably costs an arm and a leg...


are we talking correcting anything about you that is not in the most perfect health, or maintaining your current benchmark of "perfect" health? if the former, quite a bit I would assume.


Nothing. The work to keep perfect health is half the fun ;)

I am, however, willing to play whatever the cost of my 100% whey protein will be for the rest of my life :3


@isaaclyman: Your question includes "for the rest of your life" in it. What then determines the end of your life, or in this case you would live forever? To answer your question though, life is full of joys, disapppointments, discouragements, unmitigated joy. You cannot possibly know the ultimate feeling of supreme happiness and contentment without having experienced the depths of misery.


Why would I pay for perfect health when my employer will gladly pay me to stay home when I am ill?