questionscould this be a woot improvement?


I know I'd liked to see that.

And if it were successful as more than a hangout for u disgruntled Woot! B.A.(Before Amazon) types, it would be an interesting experiment to see if a corporate giant could resist the urge to repeat the same revenue stream "improvements" on THAT Woot too.


@phillystyle: I was thinking woot! B.A stood for woot! Bad A$$es

I think this idea would be great but don't see it happening. Prove me wrong Amazon.


I agree it's a great idea. But I don't see it happening, as keeping the old-timers happy isn't a priority/doesn't fit into their business model.


I don't see it happening but if it did, they should call it "Root Woot"


It will cost money, therefore it will not happen.

As far as I can ascertain, nothing happens here that doesn't positively affect the magical bottom line, and the original, unique idea of one deal per day just doesn't scale well. Great idea when Snapster put it together, but not so great once it became big enough for Amazon to be attracted.

I'm just wondering how long it will be before James Earl Jones decides that isn't a sufficiently successful profit center and he cuts the plug on it completely. I suspect that the growing number of vendors who merely advertise here (eg, don't offer any kind of deal at all) is really a plan to see if their increasing presence here will also increase the income. Why else would we see no mod action regarding merchants hawking undiscounted wholesale manufacturing or plant equipment, 34 varieties of cheap (not just inexpensive) dresses, cheesy leather jackets, and metal lockers?

The horizon looks awfully dark to me.


@magic cave: It would make money (just as Woot was profitable before) so it should happen.

The problem is -- the return isn't good enough to satisfy Amazon. They want to get stuff for free and sell it for $5000.


@magic cave: I see what you did there w/James Earl Jones' voice! :-D Too bad the new "voice" doesn't have the same timber.


@gmwhit: [grin] I considered a couple of other options, but this one seemed safest. And you're right. Much less timbre and gravitas, I expect.

Do you read Doonesbury? Note how Trudeau uses various icons to represent people he doesn't want to have to draw? How convenient it would be to be able to just insert a teeny little thumbnail to indicate HWSNBN. Hey -- we could just use that!


I think you're making a pretty big assumption. You assume anyone at the top of woot is actually interested in improving it. Not the case. It is being transformed right before our eyes, deal with it.


Ever since Matt met Jeff Bezos, things have become a little different around here. While I applaud the money-making move by Matt and's entire team, that doesn't mean you guys need to stop offering fun, zany products like a standard, non-hidden, non-exclusive (read: we don't play no Crapword round here) Bag of Crap; or stop offering the 2-for-Tuesday Leak Frogs for $19.95 shipped.

Instead, we get more stuff thrown straight to our doors via the Woot! Plus site(s) offerings. I had no need for 16 packs of Fizzy Drink Mix (when I ordered only 4,) but that's "AMAoot" for ya.

grumble, grumble, even used to be a Yahoo! backed company, now it's just where Woot products go to be FIRE! sale-d off.


@magic cave: sick burn on the "jewelry" peddlers here. Or Travel Zoo. When will those companies realize that no one on Deals.Woot appreciates their products? Those guys get down-voted to the fiery depths of online retail hell, and that's even more scary than any product on Sellout.Woot!


@magic cave: Oooh, you're opening up all kinds of doors. We could just go with Voldemort, or Tom Riddle...