questionscan you help me with a technical deals error?


I'm not very good with computers and I know that no mistakes are ever made at D.W. So, my guess is that your question ended up in somebody's pocket.


@barnabee: do you think Woot would help me file a claim with my credit card? I read in the FAQ they do that sort of thing now.


@nmchapma: Why, that's a great idea! Let me know how it turns out before this question gets deleted.


Something new on the site this week - THE WHAMMY.
I think you're gettin' Whammied.


@nmchapma: If Big Daddy Woot can't or won't help you and you need any additional info on filing a dispute with your card issuer, let me know.

Oh, gosh, I guess in the future I won't be able to post any info on changes in credit card regulations or any heads-up news I get on major compromises. Well, darn. There goes my usefulness on the site.


@magic cave: Your usefulness goes beyond your knowledge of the ins and outs of credit cards. We could always use you as a doorstop ;)

It's not like they'll really ban an old vet like you and me (I know you've got a few years on me in Wootville, but I think our deals.woot age is about the same)


@capguncowboy: That made me laugh so loudly I woke the half-deaf dog from her snore-y sleep.

These days, between gimpiness weight, I'd make an admirable doorstop, so it's nice to be still useful.

As for banning, I'm not quite as sanguine about that as you are.