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i say good riddance, all the years he was on earth were too long. why is the media making such a big deal about this day? i hope we're not going to have to go through this every year now. someone somewhere is brewing with revenge hate over this, i say let's not start marking his death every year
once and done, who's with me?


I was happy when I first heard the news and saw 44's address.

When CNN cut to people parading in the streets, I was disturbed. Whatever they thought about him, they were cheering the death of a man. He had a family and children. As they say, every man is a mother's son.

Combined with the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki and Eric Holder's assertion that due process can occur separately from judicial process, I'm just horrified at what comes next.

Saddam Hussein was executed after a trial.


@w00tgurl: Do agree w/you about his death. Did not intend to memorialize the date. The media overdoes everything, IMO. Guess this is a hot topic; not my intention to stir up anything. My apologies.


Just noticed that a tag on this question was changed/added: Politics Interesting. To me this isn't an issue of politics, but of morals/ethics. Am thinking that if someone searches for "politics" they might be disappointed when this question comes up. :-/

Of course, I could be mistaken. And, I'm often not politically correct. ;-)

Note: My original tags were chat & binladen. Mine weren't the best either. Chat? About this? More like debate. Tags are difficult at best. So are valid questions. Guess I should stick to bland extraneous fluff. Or just stay mute. ;-)


Watch out, the overly sensitive down-voting brigade is at work!


I think our government handled the whole situation terribly. The fact that it took some 10 years to find him is pathetic. Pakistan knew exactly where he was hiding. Not only that but the way we supposedly just dropped his body in the ocean is a joke, but I wouldn't expect anything less from the Obama administration. Also, Obama using this whole situation as a political weapon is pathetic as well.

But let's just keep giving Pakistan and other countries who hate us money!
We are idiots.


@w00tgurl: We hand out little cups full of popcorn, nuts, M&Ms and other little goodies to mark the date.


@iggz: I feel like I agree that it took too long to find him, we got distracted by Iraq. As for dumping the body in the ocean, I feel like displaying him to the masses would be seen by the people who want to harm us as a huge injustice, and while I don't believe the man should have been shown any honor, I do recognize that doing it other ways would have provoked further hatred.

As far as using war as a political trump card that's nothing new. Nor is it a tool of one side more than the other.


I would of pulled the trigger myself!


To the OP, @gmwhit:
Not to be personal-You do seem to have more than a few conflicting ideas relating to this issue.
I don't understand when people say, write, or stick on a bumper sticker that says they don't believe in war. When did war become the Tooth Fairy? The logical thing to respond is, you don't have to believe in it for it to exist, for you to have directly benefited from it.

If you don't believe in war except in those very narrow circumstances, you'll be fated to one of two outcomes; Either you'll be one of the ones still under 'her majesty' Queen of England, or two you'll quickly be dead because you forgot that the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

Also there was more proof in the way of there being support for the US acting on behalf of the Iraqi people, more proof in the way of there being weapons of mass destruction, and more proof in the way of the Iraqi people being far better off today... than there ever was that Osama was responsible for the Twin Tower attacks.


@iggz: right on. Let's numb the pain with some deals on zombies and Bluray discs.