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But for interactive media (e.g., video games), that delay is amplified. Any interaction that relies on you doing something at a specific time will be "late." A practical example is Rock Band / Guitar Hero. Timing in these games is paramount. If you're off by a tenth of a second, you fail. RB/GH even have a built-in calibrator that allows the game to compensate for these delays.

Super Mario Bros. does not have this calibration (nor could it). I slide around on the ice-worlds and I'm constantly over correcting. Wii Fit Plus does not have this calibration and during the Rhythm Parade, my marching doesn't translate properly on-screen.

There is a solution. You need to scale the video outside of your TV using a scaler that allows you to optimize for speed. One such scaler is the DVDO Edge. It costs $700. You could probably get it on-sale or in some bargain deal for $500.


But that's $500 too much for me. I've got oodles of computer hardware lying around. Surely there's a solution waiting to be found in there. So my questions, fellow wooters, are...

What's the most economical way to create/buy a video scaler that introduces no noticeable lag?


How bout you buy a decent tv like a insignia plamsa with game mode and not have to worry? You are wasting money in any case if you bought a tv that cannot encompass your needs.


Nvidia has this little bit about your problem, I think:

Might let you use that extra hardware lying around. Though the article really doesn't say much or how to implement it.


I'm not sure it bothers me enough to buy a limited-purpose item like a $200 video scaler. Maybe when funds are a little better I'll do it. Thanks for finding those.


fgarriel: Scaler/picture optimizations introduce delay in frame pipeline. This delay is especially noticeable with video games. Is it possible to disable all picture enhancements and to optimize the scaler for speed to reduce this delay?

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Thomas : Not a problem.

fgarriel: What I'd like to know is if PC Mode accomplishes this and/or what the technical differences are between PC Mode and HDTV Mode


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fgarriel: It's not a big deal... I'm just trying to figure out the cheapest way to solve the problem
fgarriel: and the problem is widespread across all manufacturers. It's just I'm one of those people that's picky about it :)

fgarriel: I'm not finding any information on HDTV mode vs. PC Mode in the FAQ

Thomas : I understand your concern.

fgarriel: is there a specific page you had in mind?

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fgarriel: how about a non-techincal description? The manual only states that there are two modes and not what the difference is

Thomas : I regret to inform you that we do not have any technical information regarding this.


fgarriel: is there a service manual available?

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