questionswhat recently cancelled/ended tv show are you…


I'll miss Fringe. I used to watch Leverage until this season. Never really watched any of the others.


The Office. May God rest its soul and allow it to be reincarnated into a similarly brilliant and funny show.


@tbgolladay: I'd give you multiple +1's for Fringe, as I too will miss it once I finally get around to finishing it. I have the entire final season on my DVR, and have only had time to watch the first two episodes.


Another +1 for Fringe. And I just found out the Dirty Jobs was cancelled. I'll miss Mike Rowe's sense of humor once a week in my living room.


30 Rock. I used to like the Office a lot more but I really think 30 Rock is the better show. I did watch some of Fringe and found it kind of boring. I do plan on watching it in its entirety though and I bet I'll like it more with an end in sight.

Oh, and Breaking Bad (although ending a show like that on purpose rather than have it be cancelled should be better).


Off of that list I'll say Fringe and Leverage, but I've got to add Canada's SPACE channel's Primeval New World.


Good ghods! Twenty-two shows, and I've only watched two of them. I'm going to miss Leverage a lot; I enjoyed the ensemble cast and the twisty suspension-of-belief plot lines immensely.

Breaking Bad was clearly running out of steam, but I would have liked to see some kind of series finale. I won't particularly miss it, though.


I only ever watched Fringe. Not much time to get into much anything else outside of GoT and maybe Sherlock.
That said, I was pretty disappointed in the last season of Fringe, it was rather sappy and didn't allow for "Walter" to properly explore his range.

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yipeee non of mine were cancelled.


I thought I was going to get off easy this year, but I really liked Don't Trust the B in Apt 23.

I guess there's still time for them to cancel a few more shows I like.


Dexter & Breaking Bad. RIP
I believe Breaking Bad has half a season to go and Dexter has one last season, both coming this summer!


The News.

No, not the talking heads/shouting answers/forced balance stuff we have today. I miss journalistic integrity.

And Cheers. And Seinfeld.

Oh, you said recently...


Fringe, Dexter, Breaking Bad and iCarly! Just kidding about that last one.


I'm REALLY going to miss The B in Apartment 23. Really enjoyed that one.
I'll miss The Office, but it's time has been coming. Same for Dexter.
Watched Private Practice but doubt I'll miss it all that much.
Jersey Shore, well, I think I might miss that one in the way you have a cancerous tumor on your leg and you kinda get used to it and then when it's removed your leg feels a little strange but you know it's for the better. Yeah. Super guilty habit show.


OMG!! iCarly is being cancelled?!?!?!

Leverage was one of my top fave shots, so I'm going to miss that one. I really liked it. I still enjoy The Office, but it's been in decline so not sure I'll miss it. I miss what it was already. Dexter I enjoyed, but won't say I'll miss it, since it takes so long between seasons I forget it exists. The rest, not sure I ever saw them.


Dexter, Merlin, Fringe, Leverage, I didn't see Primeval on the list but it was mentioned here. Dexter has felt like it was running low on ideas for a while now. Merlin I will miss the most but the series was brought to a real conclusion, even if it was not one I'd have chosen. I never enjoyed Fringe as much as my friends, but it's a shame to lose any scripted show, especially sci-fi. I liked Leverage more for its potential than its execution. I felt the writing was very weak on that show and have spent years hoping they'd turn it around. The new Primeval has nagged at me, mostly because the characters seem to lack any sense of wonder or excitement. How can the audience generate these emotions if the characters don't lead the way? That moment in Jurassic Park when the Jeep full of characters first lays eyes on the field of dinosaurs, the look of awe and joy on Sam Neil's face, is a distillation of what Primeval New World critically lacks.


For me, just Merlin. I saw a commenter mention Sherlock above and had a small heart attack. Glad to see that hasn't actually been canceled.