questionsif a seller on amazon has the wrong info, & won't…


I would think that the a to z guarantee would cover this, especially since you tried to rectify it prior to shipping , and there is a discrepancy in the sizes. This is why I avoid sellers with vague descriptions, and crappy return policies. Even with protection from Amazon, it is still a good indication of a poor seller.

. Here is a link to get you started :


The sizing on the sale page is generic. It even says "We do not have specific size information for this item, but please see our general size chart below for reference." I've returned items before on the seller's dime because they misrepresented them, but that's not the case here. It sucks the seller didn't answer your message, but you got what you ordered. You could try contacting the seller again and see if they will exchange for the one size if you pay for the shipping. If that doesn't work you can file an A-to-Z guarantee claim with Amazon for a refund.


They sent you straight to their store page that lists all their negative feedback on the right side? Not too bright. They sure have a long string of 1/5 and 2/5 ratings...

The size chart was provided by Amazon because the seller didn't give any indication about the sizes. Really sounds like a disappointing experience.

Last time I left a negative rating due to a poor experience with an Amazon Marketplace seller, the company gave me a refund AND shipped a replacement product, begging me to remove the poor rating.


Thanks everyone, for your help. The a to z guarantee seems to be exactly what I was looking for. The next time I'll be more careful before ordering.
Oh yes,... extra sparkly glitter to all the awesome humans who helped!


We are one of the sellers on Amazon (

What many customers do not know is that the information you see is based on:

1) The first seller or/Amazon that created the item

2) And if the item was set up incorrectly in terms of images and descriptions - all other sellers that are automatically linked to the same item based on UPC - would all be selling the item incorrectly.

To correct this, a seller must file a case with Amazon and provide evidence from manufacturer's site showing how the item should be displayed and why. If you are not the originating seller of the item - you are essentially fixing other people's and Amazon's mistakes.

The bottom line - this issue is not always the seller's fault. What we do in these cases is offer customers full refunds and return label, and we show them the link to the correct item that they were trying to buy.

The thing to remember is to that we are all people and we all make mistakes.


@webyshops: You're right... sort of. Yes, sellers may sell on other existing listings based on the UPC or supplier ID. However - sellers are able to create their own listings with correct information and their own photos - not just stock photos or photos uploaded by someone else. I agree that the issue isn't always the seller's fault, but the seller does have the ability (and the obligation IMO) to revise or recreate any listing that they believe has incorrect or misleading information. In no way is a seller forced to sell on a listing they know to be inaccurate. Now that being said, in this case it does sound like they were pretty clear about the sizing chart not being accurate (because it is an Amazon generic), and it is always the responsibility of the customer to do adequate research before purchasing. The only mistake I can glean from this is their inability (or possibly unwillingness) to respond to the OP, which is a very poor way to do business.