questionsi am looking for a good price on a solid state…


Ramdisk is essentially an abandoned technology. i've been looking for one the last few weeks and it seems like eBay is your best bet but still uncomfortably expensive. i looked up the model you listed and its quite old. it takes DDR modules not DDR2 or DDR3. even if you did find a reasonably priced Ramdisk i would make sure it takes DDR2.

as for an SSD drive they are still far too expensive for my tastes. for awesome bang for the buck regarding speed and storage capacity i would recommend the new Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black. it may seem pricey at first but it is the fastest HDD on the market. even faster than the WD 10k RPM Raptor drives. if you want speed on at a "reasonable" price i would get that if you can find one.


My 2cp: It's a shame, but IMHO kojo87 is correct: consumer RAM drives were abandoned years ago. You can get enterprise-level RAM drives, but you wouldn't ask about that here. :) eBay isn't the only place, but probably the cheapest. I had one, a HyperDrive4, for a while. It uses DDR and I loved it but I sold it on eBay. I got mine from a reseller, not eBay. I sold it because of RAM compatibility problems; I never got over 1 GB usable and had to try lots of sticks and combinations, wasted a lot of time and money.

The RAM type is irrelevant for performance--they will all be more than fast enough. The problems are availability, compatibility, price AND capacity. You might want to first look up RAM prices & sizes to see what you can afford. You probably won't be able to get >64 GB, and 64 GB will cost you thousands, AND it might not even work.

I've never seen one that takes DDR3, but the HyperDrive5 takes DDR2, which should be easier for compatibility...


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