questionsyou have to have escrow to sell on ebay now ?


I remember hearing a scam about Ebay and an escrow account.. but now it's required? Is this if you use paypal, or some other way of receiving your money? It would be great to get more information on this. I haven't used ebay in a long time and I can never trust the accuracy of a google search.

Do you, or does anyone else, have any information on this? I haven't been on ebay in quite a while, but am thinking about selling some stuff to help with some spring cleaning I've been avoiding.


I used paypal and this is still the rules. I even called to complain ... this is quote a recent change. They said it will free up as soon as the item is delivered to the customer. Or if the tracking says its 2 days delivered and it still hasnt freed up then I can call. I wonder if doing trackable shipping flags that. Cause if you didnt do shipping with tracking how they gonna know ?


To answer the question in the title: no. Escrow is a very bad idea, and any time a buyer (or seller) suggests paying by escrow, Western Union, or any nonstandard payment method, there's a very strong chance they're scamming you. Just say no to escrow.

To answer the situation regarding PayPal holds, the way I understand it is for new sellers attempting to sell certain very high-risk items, like cel phones, ipods, tablet PCs, and so on PayPal will hold the money for a certain period of time to make sure the customer actually gets the item as opposed to, say, a box with a rock in it. I don't necessarily agree with it, but it at least potentially cuts down on fraudulent transactions.


Im on bored with that but given the fact I have had an account for 5 years with no complaints or even negative feedback they could have at least done me the favor of giving me the heads up. Alas the bank doesnt take the excuse of ebay has my money on hold ....


I sell on ebay all the time and haven't had that happen...I don't know why it happened to you.


It is unfortunate that eBay has gotten adversarial with its sellers. They have also raised their pricing (in an effort to compete with Amazon) to unprofitable heights, to where my affiliates can no longer turn a profit.

See this article:

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I was emailed about this twice. I sold several items and they held the money, just like with you. However, if you purchase delivery confirmation (as you should be when selling on eBay) and input that number into the transaction, they will release the money as soon as that confirmation number shows that the item has been delivered. Well that or the buyer leaves positive feedback. So there's 3 ways to get your money. Confirmation of delivery, positive feedback left, or waiting out the time.

However after selling 4-5 items under this new procedure, I was sent an email telling me that this hold has now been removed from my account and that my money will now be available instantly. Go figure. eBayer since 02 with ~380 100% positive feedback. :shrug:


Don't even get me started. Been sporadically selling collectable items on Ebay for over 10 years and have hated every new rule they impliment to change their website from a flea market to an Amazon marketplace. Guess what Ebay, you're not Amazon and never will be unless you bifurcate your website in to two mediums if that's what they want to achieve.


Oh and while I contend most Ebay rule changes suck for the average or loyal seller and only serve to protect the more saturated buyer population, what problem do you have with their labels? Once I gave them a shot, I've found them to be cheaper than the post office and include free tracking. You can also compare rates easier than going to the post office. The postal employee almost never tells you that parcel post is an option. I just print on paper, cut it out, and tape it to the package and even if you have to take it to the actual post office for drop-off they let you leave it on the counter insteadof standing in line.