questionsare there better deals on payday?


Considering different people get paid on different days of the week (Wednesdays for me, Fridays for lots of people, one or two specific dates of each month for lots of other people), I'd say it's probably all in your head.


The perceived value of and/or desire to purchase something (anything) is directly proportional to the day a paycheck is received.

So, no, it's not in your head. It's mathematically verifiable. ;)


i find most things i want to buy pop up a few days before payday for me. torturous!


@w00tgurl: really? i find that most things pop up a day or two after i figured out that i can't afford ANYthing.


There's an alternate explanation: You, like myself, get paid on Wednesdays. So do a number of other people. On Wednesdays, we who get paid on Wednesdays are, in part, looking for ways to spend our money without necessarily breaking the bank. With a community like this, we are willing to share the best deals we find. (Unless you're me: A one-deal-wonder.)

So, I suggest the possibility that the deals do not come about as a result of it being Pay Day. Instead, it is the fact that it is Pay Day that influences some to seek and share deals.

... Does anyone have change for a nickel? I only wanted to put two pennies in!


My money is usually already spent by Payday.


ok. sorry. someone has to say it:

i haven't seen any deals on Paydays, but i could really go for that peanut covered treat if anyone finds one.

hey, i did apologize ahead of time.