questionsanyone else see missing rating stars on amazon?


I checked on FF and IE and don't see stars on the list you linked to, although I see them on the individual item's pages.

Oddly enough, I can't remember if I've ever seen stars on the initial search pages; I don't usually look for anything at that point other than basic price and Prime eligibility.


@magic cave: That's so strange! I see ratings with almost every other product on the funny hat link. Nothing with the vitamins. I do a lot of "window shopping" online and often don't know what I want. I've always enjoyed seeing ratings and reading reviews, and I don't like that I now have to click through to the product page to see the average rating (or even if it has one).

Maybe Amazon is trying out some sort of beta feature on select browsing sessions only? I wonder what benefit they see to doing this... Maybe their stats show that products without rating stars (such as newer items), aren't getting many clicks? I know I am guilty of tending to view mainly products with a high rating + lots of reviews, especially if there's tons of results.


@thewronggrape: I just looked at both links, and there is a difference in those. All your vitamin things are "subscribe and save" links. When I changed the link to search ONLY "health and nutrition" I got a different list, and they have stars.

Far as I could tell, those are the same products, too (in your list, and in the one above). Not sure why your search even gives you that "subscribe and save" thing, unless you were looking for it previously...


@shrdlu: Yes! Your link works. I don't know either why my search defaulted to Subscribe & Save. I don't use that feature. All I did was type in, and then started my search from there. Is Amazon trying to decide what is best for me? :-\


I noticed that yesterday. Was looking for a printer and some headphones and wasn't seeing any rating stars. And I usually do my sort by user ratings, so that was really weird. Today I do the same searches and I'm seeing stars.


And now the stars are gone again today. What gives??


I'm missing the stars too (for multiple searches). You can go to the individual webpage for the item, but the search results page doesn't show ratings. Very annoying. I have to hope it's a glitch they'll fix, otherwise, I won't use amazon nearly as much.


This is an easy fix. I had the same problem. Just clear your cookies and it's fixed. Cookies can even be cleared on an individual website basis (google for instructions for your specific browser).