questionsyet another woot site?


Somewhere, the spider sense of @jsjohnson64 is tingling...

Wonder if this comment will stay up?


Two words: rudderless ship.

Let's just call it "Amazon with crappier shipping" and put a fork in it.


I wish I could tell Darth that that was not the product category I was looking for.


Woot is currently selling about 619 items on its sites, not including Shirt.Woot (they sell almost all of the shirts they've ever sold; that would artificially raise the number of items currently being sold, and it's high enough already). I remember when Woot was "One Day, One Deal".


I am sorry I didn't have the time to watch Woot accessorize itself further.


I was hoping for Cuff Links and Tiepins but I guess I'll have to make do.


I see this going down like this:

Some Amawoot executive got some report that lists the top 10 most searched for items on the internet that results in a purchase. They went down the list until they got to something that Woot doesn't have a dedicated site for and suddenly went 'WE MUST CAPTURE THAT TRAFFIC!' and directed someone to make a new woot site for it so that they can capture that extra 6.294% traffic.

Brand identity be damned! We must capture the traffic.


The only thing that I might like about the new one is that it might prevent watches and accessories from cluttering up the others.


Anyone else wishfully looking for a hidden BoC like when tools opened up?


@bingo969: That explanation probably makes the most sense out of anything. But that might be giving way too much credit since that implies there is at least some sort of a plan.


@wisenekt: My assumption was that since already has it, and 1SaleADay already has it, woot must have it.


That's totally implied, I just thought the name would be too long for woot! ;P


Its all about content delivery resulting in sales. Woot helped pioneer this new shopping experience, the deal a day site. WIth woot's success at the format, a bunch of other, similar sites cropped up. Then some of them started offering 2 or 3 deals a day.

When "13 deals" hit the scene, i remember thinking "well that's just ridiculous"

but now, look at our poor beloved woot.

It's quickly playing out what was once a nice and innovative shopping format. I'm sure it captures traffic, and results in more one-off sales because of it, but repeat customers? Oh, i certainly still buy from woot, but not nearly as much. My shopping here has slowed down so much that my wife noticed - mistakenly thinking we were having money problems because i hadn't gotten a woot package in so long :D :D :D (we're not, lol)

Woot has sunk to the level of copying it's copycats. As a longtime wooter - thats sad, really.


@tmdowling: Good point. Just the way kids.woot has kept the kids' stuff off all the other pages.


you should Be o Checking it out


Been Over Checking the accessories page recently?


as with the launch of the tools & Garden site this one too had a BoC (now sold out) hidden in a plus sale this morning


@natedogg828: Ok, this is just ridiculous. And really annoying. It's just not fun to be here anymore.


I've given up all hope on the "cool woot" that we all knew and loved. Make all sub-sites you want, because I rarely even look outside the community section anymore.


@firebirdude: Deals, what deals? Those are a thing of the past. But the community here is awesome.


@nvaine: Yes, and how watches.woot kept all the watches off of woot. Or not...


I would rather have one or two sites with really good deals than 100 sites that are only a deal for the poor sucker that at one time paid the manufacturer's suggested retail price.


Someone leaked a preview of the next woot site redesign! Here it is:


Woot == Amazon Gold Box
Woot off == Lightning Deals


@bsmith1: I always just thought that was Woot's storefront on Amazon, much like the Zappos one:


@chris12345: Yes, but my point is they sell so many items each day, they need to just put it all there in a searchable, sortable format. That's where we're heading will all these sub-sites. I mean...just look how long the tab names are getting. "tools & garden", "accessories & watches"...c'mon, I thought "sellout" was pushing it because it was more than 5 characters long.


Did anyone else have a secret desire to do a watches and accessories theme day on deals ?
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