questionswhat is the big deal with instagram?


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When you take pictures with it on your smartphone, it can make your pictures look like they were taken with a vintage camera, for purposes of pretentiousness.

No idea why Facebook bought it - possibly just because they like it.


Facebook is buying it because there are a large number of simple as that. Facebook makes advertising dollars for every user and amount of time spent using.

I doubt this purchase happens if not for the Facebook IPO....they will be awash in cash.


Just another internet fad that will get very old very quickly.


@wickedd365: It's way to mainstream for hipsters. It's for people who want hipsters to like them and want their online friends to think they're hip.

My wife tried it the other day but once you take or modify you're picture with the app, using several filters and frames, you have to share the picture on any number of social networking sites or upload it to the Instagram gallery. There didn't seem to be a way to save the altered photo's locally. A waste of time, and Facebook's money.

As to why Facebook would spend $1 B on what is surely a flash in the pan, I heard a report this morning that said it was because they saw them as competition in the online photo sharing sector.


Also, why didn't Facebook just download it? It's free.


I read the best comment on Twitter: Facebook, $1B for a sepia filter? C'mon.


@apocello42: On iPhone's, once you modify a photo it's saved automatically to your camera roll. It does for me anyway...


simple: they bought out one of their competitors


@morriea: Unlikely because there's probably a large overlap between the two users. Two theories:
1 - As stated by Zuck, FB's photo sharing sucks and wanted the tech. I doubt this is true cause you can create that for less.
2 - Instagram is 18 months and grew to 30M iPhone users and more will come with the recent Android launch. Basically, FB bought a potential future competitor. Systrom, Instagram's CEO, took the safe bet and sold instead of risk becoming the next Friendster.


@wootfast: That's why Amazon bought you guys?! :O


Disclaimer I do not use The Facebook
So Facebook has a *clunky
(technical term) interface. Instagram is user friendly easy to use even grandma can use it. People love to share photos, and people love easy things.


@omnichad: They bought it so your mirror profile pic looks rustic and old-timey.


I love Instagram, I use it to upload all most of my pictures to Facebook. It make average pictures look nice and is easier to use to upload pictures to Facebook than using the Facebook iPhone app. The community is nice too to share photos with friends who are not on Facebook, although I don't use that part of it very much.


I salute the Instagram folks and wish them the best. Well played!


they bought it because it had the potential to replace facebook one day. Cheaper to buy it than fight it.


@josefresno: Absolutely. I'm guessing the new model for Silicon Valley is:
1) Develop iPhone application that has some social networking features and has appeal maninly to hipsters living in San Fransisco and New York City.
2) ????
3) Get popular with said hipsters.
4) Sell out to Facebook
5) Profit!!

But, really, well played to Instagram, and (for that matter) OMGPop, the folks that made Draw Something. They have 29 very mediocre games, one really good one, then have the sense to sell out to Zynga before Zynga completely copies their idea. Very well played, sirs.


@josefresno: I agree.

Instagram is great because it allows users to "see" things they were not able to see before. It gives the users a perspective that is not their own (by applying filters) and gives them a feeling that they have some new perspective of some everyday objects. They are inspired.

It was built by a team of people who understand human behaviors, feelings and had the gut and the resources/skills to tap into that and profit from it.

Well played, indeed. I love seeing the disparaging comments, and I always wonder what those who criticize have ever accomplished anything on even a much smaller scale.

Viva entrepreneurship!


@wilfbrim: If it were that simple, every one would have done it. isn't.


@first2summit: You beat me to it.

I'd also predict this will be the new way of going about it. Facebook/Google/Apple will start picking off companies like this early in the game-ala the old dot-conomy-and more of these companies will take the easy money and run-UNLIKE the Zuck who told Yahoo where to go.


I am curious where Facebook got that kind of money from. They borrow money from every investor out there, their business model is poor, and their revenue stream is not at the place it should be.
Five years from now it will be just another bubble that burst.


@caffeine_dude: I figure that means that within 6 months the ease of use will disappear, advertising will magically start showing up, and the entire program will be magically transmogrified into something useless to the folks who value its ease of use.


Never heard of Instagram until I read your question.