questionsdo deals.woot cooperate with sellers ?


Not if You're @ohcheri haha! Just kidding. :) There are guidelines you have to follow, but I think deals.woot is pretty cooperative, but I could be wrong.


yes the all website and its services is very cooperative with all customers and mambers i like this very much.....


If you're looking to start selling through deals.woot as a sponsored seller, email They'll give you any info you need. If you're just looking to post as your own company on the community end, make sure your username reflects that you are an employee of said company and post away. There's an unspoken rule about not posting too much, so if you do go this route, try to limit it to just two or three items at a time. If you post a lot from the same source in a short window of time, Woot will group them all and no one will see your deals anyway.

You can check out the unofficial FAQ here, it should answer most of your questions.