questionsanyone else notice that amazon has changed their…


I still see "FREE Shipping on orders over $25". I checked books and dresses. What items said $35?


I'm seeing it too, looks like they implemented it early: Amazon free shipping changed on October 22, 2013. Read more about it. To place an order online, do the following: Add at least $35 of eligible products to your Shopping Cart. Note: Eligible items will display "FREE Shipping" next to their price. Product Bundles and items sold separately qualify independently for the $35 minimum purchase.


I randomly searched for "frying pan," and there was the $35 figure. I clicked for the "details" box and got more info (note the date of change is tomorrow):

This is their internal link for the details box:

NOTE: If you're a Prime member, you may need to log out first.


@gmwhit: Thanks for your keen eye. Since I do use Prime, I'd probably have been giving people bad info for months.


@magic cave: I read today that Wal Mart has instilled a $50 minimum for free shipping to home, and I believe it was $0 limit Site-To-Store. I still believe Prime is the best value out there, especially if you can stream video.


Thinking about the $10 increase for free shipping...You know, I've used this excellent perk for many years. Guess it's about time for it to go up. Everything else has. Still think it's good; a value, you might say.

Walgreen's still has the $25 free shipping. But, they've changed so many of their items to "in store only." Makes it more difficult to buy items online.

Staples has a lot of specials w/free shipping. Ohcheri still has free shipping. There are companies that continue to offer good bargains.

Can't neglect saying that's $5 per cart shipping is also a good deal.


@jsimsace: It took us a while to decide to try Prime, and now I don't know how we managed without it. We buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, and I'm convinced Prime actually saves us money. The refrain, "Do you need anything from Amazon? I need another $8 to get free shipping..." was common in our house, and I'm pretty sure that some of the "filler" items wouldn't have been bought without the temptation of free shipping. Now, we get what we need, pretty much when we need it.

I haven't tried the streaming video yet, but I'm about to. I'm sort techno-dumb on such things.


@lmensor: Now the link reads change on Oct. 21.


Yes, just changed like few hours ago. I'm disappointed.


Many of the Prime videos that used to stream for free are now rentals as well.


Amazon's pricing model is always being tweaked. However, raising the dollar amount to get free shipping is going to get me to look more seriously at the "outside" vendors on Amazon who ALWAYS sell the item for less money. The value in buying direct from Amazon was the free shipping. Hopefully, this new change will not be a reason for the outside vendors to now increase their prices.


Increase cost to unlock free shipping, movies that were free now cost money...... I REALLY hope we're not about to see an increase in Prime cost.


Wow, I squeaked in just under the wire with my order yesterday. Got that dog water fountain someone kindly pointed out a few days ago, and a few extra items to make up the minimum for free shipping. The whole order was just under $50, but the Amazon items were only $27 of it. The other items were from Amazon merchants with free shipping.


Join Amazon Prime and you can order any Prime item no matter the cost by itself and you have free access to gobs and gobs of Amazon Prime movies to watch on your digital device or Rolu ( one of the worlds greatest inventions). I don't remember the cost but it is really worth it. I order a lot of stuff from Amazon and Amazon Subscribe and Save. I can but Pedigree canned dog food cheaper from Amazon and have it delivered than buying it at, God forbid, Walmart, and I buy 96 cans a month from Amazon, along with paper towels, toilet tissues, garbage bags, and lots more. I don't work for Amazon and I compare prices but Amazon can beat or meet most prices and I can get it while relaxing in bed.


@xdavex: crud...i didn't know that. i'll have to keep an eye out when i look at prime streaming the next time. thanks for the heads up


@wimmergr: "After your free trial, Amazon Prime is just $79/year". I only order from them maybe a half dozen times a year, and I always get free shipping. So paying $79 a year for shipping doesn't sound like a bargain to me. I wish I could buy dog food from them, but as long as Diamond is using that dog food plant in South Carolina that's had all the recalls I have to buy my food from distributors that don''t get it from there. Every bag I have had from there (non-recalled ones) has made my dog sick. Getting a refund on a 30lb bag of dog food from an online vendor is a lot of work.


$25 was just about right for me. A new movie was only a few dollars off.

Now they're just competing poorly. At Target you can get free shipping with no minimum if you have a REDcard debit card. At Staples all you have to do is join the free rewards program to get free shipping with no minimum. And then there's free site-to-store shipping for Best Buy and Wal-Mart.

They're not the worst deal around, but they're hardly competitive. Compare not paying sales tax with buying filler items to hit $25 and it's about the same. But bump it up to $35 and that's a little harder to bother with.


Just another reason to use a free shipping filler item website, like to reach your minimum spending requirement.


Crapola! Well, that will change my holiday shopping strategy. Must plan in advance and bundle the goodies.
I noticed did the same thing recently, now $35 instead of $25.


@moondrake: I've always held out on Prime too. People say it's worth it for what you'll save in shipping costs, but fail to realize that a lot of people don't pay shipping by going the Super Saver route. Prime to me is paying money to get something I don't need sooner, sooner.

That being said, Amazon gave me 1 free month of Prime and I forgot to cancel and of course they didn't send out a reminder notice so I got charged $86.11 a week ago. Add up all purchases I've made on Amazon over the past 5 years or so, and shipping probably comes out to $10.

I don't think I'm going to get a refund now, so I'm going to see if I can get my money's worth with the Kindle lending library and the streaming video, and I guess I do kinda enjoy the convenience of making quick small purchases on Prime eligible items without worrying about shipping. It's just going to make me spend more dagnammit. Well played, Amazon, well played.


Thanks for the heads up. I hate when they makes changes and don't tell us.

I have not bit the bullet for Prime since I would only use it for ordering stuff. Now that I need $35 I may have to change my mind. And of course when I do they will increase Prime.


One thing you can do is order something that has free returns (clothes) to meet the $35, then just return it. Sounds good to me!


@thewronggrape: My husband had the same thing happen and we didn't notice the charge for a week or two. He called Amazon customer service and they refunded us the charge. We hadn't used it since our free trial was up so that may have had something to do with them allowing the refund. Even if you have used Prime since your trial ended it might be worth a call. They may refund it on a prorated basis or something.


I think they're pushing Prime by making the Super Saver free shipping much more inconvenient. I placed an order on Oct. 15. Checked again today, 8 days later, and they have not shipped yet. Here's what they say about my order: Delivery Estimate Friday, November 8, 2013 - Monday, November 18, 2013 by 8:00pm. The three items are in stock and being shipped by Amazon. Taking 3-4 weeks to get my stuff will not make me a happy camper. If I had known it would take this long I would have bought them on eBay and had them now for less.


@rh48: Wow! What was in the order? Things that are sold and fulfilled by Amazon, or some things they just fulfill and may have run out of stock on from the independent merchants? I've used Amazon for years and have never had a delay like that.

What a nuisance for you!


The more I thought about it, the more disgusted I got. I found the same things on eBay (common camera accessories), canceled the Amazon order and did a "buy it now". Cheaper price, free shipping and I will have them before the earliest Amazon projected date.