questionswhat is the best sdhc memory card class for photo?


The class indicates how fast it can write, with higher classes writing faster. You only really need class 10 if you are recording HD video or using a SLR camera in burst mode. Otherwise, class 4 should meet your needs.


I think it depends on how you use your camera. Do you find that you're being held back by having to wait for pictures to store? If you only take single pictures and video, I think a class 4 should be fine (just don't go any lower than that). Sometimes your camera's manual will specify how fast your card needs to be in order to get smooth video. If you take lots of back-to-back High Res photos, or use something like burst mode on a DSLR, then you'd want to get a higher class card, like a class 10.
The class rating are supposed to be the sustainable transfer rate of the card in MB/s. So a class 4 transfers at 4MB/s, and class 10 at 10MB/s. So a class 10 card should be 2.5 times faster than a class 4. Some cards go even faster, but class 10 is the highest the class scale goes. So another good thing to just look directly at the transfer speed.
Hope this helps.


I think I'll have to spend the few extra $$$ and get a class 10 for my new Canon T2i.

Thank you everyone!