questionswhere did everyone go?


They probably gave up trying to find this area after the major "Upgrade"! They might not think to click on "Community Sourced Deals" after getting here before via Deals.woot! I know there still is a Deals! icon, but they may have gotten too confused with the "busyness" of the front page and left! Just my opinion. ;->


We were all at a secret Woot party. Didn't you get the invite?


Everyone's off watching bonnaroo, some fantastic stuff going on over there!

As for the last few weeks, I dunno. You would think they took question asking out of the rep formula :P


Seems it's always pretty slow here on week-ends. More active during the week when people are at work. I think it HAS been 'active' during the last 2 weeks. There have been several very active questions on the 'change of life', I mean the 'change of woot.' ;-)


I don't know, but I managed to end up at #10 on the leaderboard, the highest I've ever been!


@cowboydann: Wishful thinking? It's been my wish forever - hasn't happened; don't think it will.


I have been traveling for the past week.

Keep in mind it is summer and school is out. Lots of people are going on vacation right now.


I know! Makes it hard when the leaderboard tells you to vote for better questions.
I agree about the changes possibly driving some people away. I have been spending less time here - mostly on Deals because I really like the community, but to me, the other sites have lost much of their allure.


Who changed everything?! I leave for two months and woot gets a complete makeover? Nothing is the way I left it. This whole thing confuses me.


My observance coincides with @gmwhit's. There is always more activity M-F when we are at "work".


I moved here, to Brazil, 10 days ago...needless to say, I haven't been keeping up with the community :( Hoping to normalize my schedule, in order to incorporate time for the community, but learning Portuguese needs to be my top priority, atm!


I've been about as active here as I've always been, which is to say not much. I will say my activity at shirt.woot has dropped a lot, however. Them screwing up the numbers in the redesign means no nightly Narf numbers in the wreckoning. Don't worry - the discussion thread is still as on-topic as it always is. ^_^


I used to LOVE hanging on woot. I had a black triangle for months/years. As soon as the upgrade came I stopped visiting woot. Way too much clutter, way too much spam feel for me. That's where I went, anywhere but here. Sorry woot, even though I have a good $20 to use in coupons I've lost my thrill.


I went swimming today, first time this year and the gate was closed. I figured a state run park would have opened Memorial Day at least.
I hiked the mile in from the gate and had the entire beach to myself, it was awesome. That's where I went.


@xdavex: I hope it wasn't quarantined because of a zombie virus outbreak!


"Where did everyone go?"

We all had to go to the bathroom. We're back now. Carry on....


Some of us have been building arks for the last few weeks!


I waited over 24 hours for the change to take place. It looked great and it is easy to navagate but I just haven't felt as motivated to check-in. Momey has also gotten tighter and it is hard to look when you don't want to find something to buy.


Me personally I give up, I still check in every now and then but things aren't the same after the "upgrade" and I'm gone as quick as I came!


@eraten: I'm sure there will be plenty of volunteers to help you spend the $20 if you decide you're not going to use it :P


@dmaz: i might have you confused for someone else but weren't you just live in china? You sure to move around a lot if my memory is good, that's pretty cool though I'm kind of envious, what do you do?


Eh I went to Germany be back in 2 and a half weeks. But then I was never a huge Q&A answer-er person though I'd chime in if I thought I knew from time to time.


I have been playing with my HP Touchpad, I just got ICS.


Vegas, baby. My sister was in town and we killed our list of things to do.


@cindihoward: "I waited over 24 hours for the change to take place. It looked great and it is easy to navagate ..."

You must be accessing woot through a secret portal or something, because my experience couldn't be more different.

ETA: Oh yeah, and that's pretty much why I've been AWOL.


@eraten: yeah, i loved woot, i wasnt anywhere near the most active, but i came on and voted everyday and read all the funny stories under all the products, but now thats gone and theres WAY to much clutter on the site.
For some reason its just not as fun as it used to be...

okay rant over- hopefully everyone comes back on and it becomes the old awesome, random woot we used to know