questionshave you tried the new cool ranch doritos locos…


No. There are some things I refuse to do to my digestive tract. Now, where is my sriracha Popsicle?


I could only find the lollipop version...


I'm waiting for the Salsa Verde version.


I did, just the other day and I agree, there wasn't much of a flavor punch but it I did still like it. I haven't had the nacho cheese one yet, so I have nothing to compare, I only tried it since I'm a big fan of the cool ranch. If in the right mood I'd buy it again.


@rogetray: kob kun man. (Thank you in Thai :) and those are yummy.


I must of went to a better Taco Bell cause when I tried it mine had a kick to it. I put fire sauce on mine so it might have ignited with something on the chip cause I had an explosion of flavor.


Did. Not enough flavor to them. Daughter said, "It would be better to get a plain taco, and put two actual cool ranch doritos chips in the middle", "that would make it more flavorful". I agree with her.


I tried it last night. Pretty much the same as the regular - not that great. And, I've always like the cool ranch (actually the "cooler ranch") and rather disliked the regular flavor.


Another reason to stay away from fast food places. There are 10 or more real Mexican restaurants in my area, every one is better than Taco Bell. Besides, its just another way for them to increase the bottom line of the former parent company (PepsiCo, which owns Frito Lay)


@robingraves - Yes! Minus the rain of course! LOL