questionsweek 2: the jags are terrible (woot fantasy…


Woot Monkeys (1-1) 115 vs. Hootin Wooters (1-1) 72
MFladd popped his point zit all over miquinn's face this week with three guys going 20+, Lynch hitting the 30 point mark (which is difficult with our scoring). Woot Monkeys: Dallas Clark took the day off to cry and watch tapes from when he played for the Colts. Wooters: 5 guys in single digits that should have been doubles, and a lot of guys on the bench with points that would have changed the outcome here. Unfortunately for miquinn, this isn't fantasy golf.


Two Mannings (0-2) 76.5 vs. Aperture Test Monkeys (1-1) 101
After a rough week 1 for Mannings, she's getting some more production out of her star players, now she just needs them to do it all at the same time. Sad Brady still has no receviers to throw to, and he pouted all the way to seven and a half points for a top tier QB. Gonna need you to step that up Brady (50/50 chance Gronk is back this week, which should help a ton). Test Monkeys had a pretty well rounded week, with a big game from Jimmy Graham to cap everything off, but he lost Stephen Jackson in the process to a thigh strain. At least you have De'Angelo Williams?


Hornberger! (1-1) 87.5 vs. Team Germ (1-1) 129.5
Germ bounced back from a disappointing peformance last week to take the point trophy this week, and all players started were present and accounted for. Hornberger got stuck with gooseggs from both her kicker and her defense, and Ray Rice's injury left her with 1 point in his slot, though even lineup nirvana would not have saved her here. Germ had double digits in all but two positions... AT LEAST BUY HER DINNER FIRST

Wootin-Tootin Capguncowboys (1-1) 70 vs. Holy DrunkCajuns (2-0) 71.5
Closest margin of victory so far this year for adversaries who have been battling it out since the beginning of time, and the battle did not disappoint. Actually it kinda did. 70 points guys? I think capguncowboy summed it up best: "I feel like I'm watching two fat armless children fight over the last oreo"

Notes: Andy Reid goes back to Philly on Thursday this week, make sure you're lines are set!


Really..popped his point zit. That does brings up disturbing images. But get your Clearasil ready Brandon because this week I am coming for you...whatever your name maybe this week. And who downvotes a deals.woot fantasy football write-up. This community is gasping for any life what so ever.


I'd like to take this opportunity to announce that my entire team may be damned to hell (except Brandon Marshall -- thanks man) by the end of next week if they can't turn their performance around.


@drunkcajun: wow...Browns ship RB Richardson to Colts for 1st rounder. Very unusual early season move.


@mfladd I know, right? I'll sit him this week and watch him explode the following week. Great career move for T-Rich, bad, weird, stupid move by the Browns.