questionswhy is there no discussion on the woot plus deals?


The lack of discussion threads has definitely been noted by the team. Please send your feedback via the beta feedback button at the top of the page too. It's all ready.

In the meantime, feel free to open a thread in any of the "World of" tabs for discussion.


Someone did start a thread for discussions on Sellout. Not much discussing going on yet though.


Along those lines; Speaking of speakers, I really wanted to ask if anyone anywhere ever heard a sound bar that was worth $399 - let alone $999 like that one Pinnacle sound bar? Anyone?


I have a feeling that the folks who are sponsoring the deals on deals.woot got fed up with getting downvoted and bashed (rightly so, in many cases) in the comments, thus no comments for woot+.


If only there was a place to ask the community a question...


@phillystyle: No. Maybe if you had a room that was accoustically identical to the one that Pinnacle used to design the unit. Otherwise, a huge waste of money. Take the cash and put it toward an good AVR and speaker system.