questionswhat are some dorm room must-have-items?


A must do: Strongly think about if you really want to live in the same small room as your friends. Don't get me wrong, it definitely works for some folks. But just think about all aspects of it. Dorm rooms are very small. Sometimes that cordial nicety between people who just met can be a good thing in a small space.

Otherwise, a microwave if you're aloud one is great. Coffee maker if you drink it. Good, sturdy laundry hamper (avoid the mesh pop ups, they rip pretty easily). I liked a good, comfortable desk chair over the cheap one they provided. Also a TV with a bluray/dvd/game system for movies. Don't always have time for it, but it is nice when you do. Laundry soap and dryer sheets. Depending on space, a shelf or stackable cubes for storing books and notebooks. Also, those bed raiser blocks are handy so you can fit a set of plastic drawers under your bed.

I know a lot of those are obvious, but tossed them in there anyways. Congrats on your acceptance!


A keg stand isn't a thing, it's when you have someone shoot beer from the keg into your mouth while you do a hand stand on top of said keg.

Congrats, and remember this: There's a time and a place for everything, and it's called college. Have fun!


a popcorn popper (wok style) with the thermostat hacked so you can cook top ramen in it


beds, sheets, pillows
storage containers (to collect dirty clothes, or dirty magazines)try for sizes that fit under the beds too
tv (smallish)
carrybags (for hygene stuff to go to the community shower or clothes to the local laundrymat)
couple towels to wipe up messes
white board to leave notes to each other
shelves to make the piles somewhat organized
table, chairs (more work gets done on a table than at a desk)
a lot of room deodorizers

really gonna have three people in one room? hope you get along really really well, and can all forgive easily. and still talk to each other after all this is done.


Check what the rooms come with. Best thing is to talk to someone who knows the specific dorm to which you will be assigned. At Binghamton, each of the housing communities has slightly different furniture. Most of the beds are very adjustable & thus no need for risers.

They have a "no hot surface" policy, so standard drip coffee makers are verboten, though percolators are ok (my daughter uses an electric kettle & french press; good for tea too).

She decided that renting a fridge made more sense than buying one. (No schlepping it around, plus spliting rental fees saves $.) We had a good (spare) microwave so didn't rent that.

Bed linens are (likely) Twin-XL. Shop around early. Don't go for package deal via the mailing from the school (bad value, tho it sounds great).

Get Amazon Prime (6 mo. free for students, then $40/year for four years); ramen, etc. delivered to you at school cheaper than Walmart (usually).

Check what your friends will bring. No need for 3 TVs.

Good luck. :)


And in Florida, I recommend of course fans. In general, possibly a private wireless router.

Also, with the budget cuts USF and other Florida schools (UF just took like 25% or so) are taking next year? Lots of storage space for all the ramen you will be eating. :p
Otherwise, mini-fridge for each of you. Gives storage, and treats for yourself that aren't left in the common area. Nothing sucks worse during exams than finding the soda/yogurt/whatever that you have been absolutely wanting (stress makes you want odd things), and finding your room-mate took it.

I also think a good rice cooker might be nice to have. You can cook pretty much anything in those suckers, and one pot meals are always acceptable when it comes to cleaning up after. Overall, just bring stuff that you like at home and are willing to take care of yourself. Your parents aren't there, and nobody will clean up after. Start light, and build up as you get used to living in the unique environment.


If somehow you score a Keurig to use in your dorm, lock up your k-cups. One of my students last year said that somewhere along the line, someone was stealing a k-cup from everyone on her floor a couple of times a week. Easy when you are not in your room 24/7 and if your roommate has their own set of friends that might migrate in and out.


REPEAT... REPEAT... REPEAT... Know exactly what the dorm room has and what is allowed. Not likely 3 fridges. Usually not enough closet space. Usually under-powered.
Check if the school has a housing website with tips to see what will be involved in moving in, do you have to climb three flights of stairs? Everything should be multi-use and collapsible. A futon seat might be good. Minimize scents. But take Febreeze.
Mesh cube sets - configure as you want
Lap desk
First aid - simple stuff. Same for mending tape and kit.
Duct tape, be careful where you use it.
ear plugs & eye mask
folding drying rack
collapsible hampers
fans! FANS! even in cold areas
Powerstrips & battery backup
Command adhesive hooks - lots
hanging over-door style shoe storage. Great for small things, can hang from hooks.
Small stackable plastic drawer sets for desk items.
No TV, use flat screen monitor that you can hook up laptop to.
bathrobe and flip flops. Shower and bathroom caddies.
Handheld vac and Swiffer dusters