questionsspider plants -- boring indoor shrubbery or…


I think they look good hanging in a basket on a porch because of their cascading foliage. And they're hardy too... even I can't kill them!


They aren't my favorite plant, kinda blah. I do have a few, because they are so easy, and prolific. The are a stand out, in helping to clean indoor air-pollutants though.


They're not my favorite plants, but they do grow well under the florescent lights in cubeville. We have one that winds it's way through about half the cubes in my group. We joke that some morning someone is going to come in and discover that it's strangled the one guy who always works later than everyone else.


A Weed! My grandmother put one in her flower bed many years ago for reasons I do not know why along with one of those potted dish garden plants and I'm still pulling them out each spring.


Love 'em! Easy to care for, hard to kill off, which suits my style of gardening quite well.