questionsdo you buy apps or only download free ones?


I only buy apps when they're on sale. I bought a lot of the EA apps for iPad that our usually $9.99 and got them for $.99 when they had a sale. I usually only buy apps that are $.99 when on sale.

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I have a system. I only buy music and apps with the money that's in my itunes account, and I don't have a credit card tied to that account. Every few months, I take all of my accumulated change to a coinstar. You can get an itunes gift code, and it won't charge a fee (win/win). That is my music and app budget. There's about $50 in there now, but that'll drop to $30 once I upgrade to OS 10.8.

Also, app prices change all the time. Make an account at, find some apps that have a history of price changes (price history on the right side of the screen), tick the 'want' box and wait for an email telling you when the price drops. I've gotten many apps for free that way.

Given a choice between ads and paying $1, I'd pay the dollar.


I generally get free apps. If it's a paid one I'm interested in, I use a tracker to see if it ever goes cheaper or on sale, and if it does, I get it then.

Between ones that have free and paid versions where the only difference is ads, I tend to cheap out and go for the freebie. I always say I'll upgrade when it goes on sale, but I never do.


I tend to go towards freebies & usually post em over here if I feel they're decent enough.


So far, only free ones. However, that could change at any time.


Depends. I support developers I know, and those are education apps, but mostly go for whatever is free on appsgonefree.

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@rprebel: I second the AppShopper recommendation!!! GOLD STAR SUGGESTION!
I own 1093 iOS apps, almost all of which were purchased when they dropped to free or were on sale for significantly less than usual. It's also key to be running the iOS AppShopper app so you get push notified when the price drop happens!
All told, I've likely spent about a couple hundred bucks total in apps to get to my insane app count. Most expensive app? Probably Jaadu, which was later renamed iTeleport - an incredible VNC client which was well worth the price. However, if you consider the fact that MLB charges for a new MLB At Bat app every year, I suppose I've spent the most money altogether on those series of apps... It started as $5 for each version (iPhone/iPad) the first year, then $10, then $15, and fortunately this year they give you both iPhone and iPad for the one $15 charge. But I do love following my team, and having access to listen to the radio broadcasts is well worth the money spent!


If it's casual use or a game, free only. If it's business or possibly could be a daily use item, I'll definitely pay.
Or, I'll re-phrase:
Pay for what I need, free for what I want.


I will pay for high quality apps and have paid for quite a few. I did enjoy the free app a day from Amazon App store but I have not gotten one in almostt a year now. I do love for letting me know when there are app sales at google play store now and music sales too,