questionsdo you use a modified "hosts" file to block ads…


I did for a little while, but adblock plus works well enough I don't feel the need to modify hosts.


I used to use the hosts file provided by Spybot Search and Destroy, but the Windows 7 resolver (the part of the OS that converts domain names into IP addresses) does not cope very well with a huge hosts file. (The resolver starts chewing up gobs of CPU time and slows down web browsing and many other activities quite a bit.)

So I stopped using a large hosts file and only add a few hosts to it manually (primarily sites with ads that start talking or yell out "You've won!" without warning).


I used to, but don't really care anymore. New sites spring up way too often to try to reactively block them.

For the people that used AdBlock Plus, you can use the Malware Domains subscription as well which will block most malware sites. They are very good at releasing updates as well.


I thought I did by using spywareblaster. But I just checked %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\ and my host file does not have any changes in it.


So I learned something...
Spywareblaster adds the blocked sites to:IE>Internet options>Security>Restricted sites>sites
and the
Interesting thing is Chrome (my primary browser) does not use the restricted sites list.

I guess I will be updating my host file.

+1 Thanks!


Nah, I just rely on Microsoft to fix their bugs for free....they will, right?


I recently changed my hosts file back to normal because it was blocking me from going to some of the deals posted here.

I can blindly trust people that post deals at woot right?


I run SmoothWall Express on an old computer as a router and load a widely-distributed HOSTS file on it designed to block such things.


I did until I installed a firewall server. That also serves as primary DNS and is running TreeWalk with ConFetch.


So changed my mind, a few times since my last post.
First I thought hey I will add the list to my router then I can protect my entire network.
I have a netgear 3700 and found I would have to enter each site one at a time. (no way)
I noticed a link and clicked on it and found this
what it did was make me sign up for opendns but now I can set parental controls over my entire network. (even if it is just the phishing filter)
They have custom levels but you need a PC or a Mac, no Android or iwhatever. My guess is there is a manual way to use the custom levels but I stopped looking for the night.