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(Part 2)
I let them know ahead of time that I have/had juvenile supraventricular tachycardia and mitral valve prolapse, but a cardiologist said I grew out of those around fifteen years ago. I also let them know I have a high resistance to pain medicine. Anywho. They put me to sleep, three hours later I wake up in some of the worst pain in my life. Even though my surgery went great. My body was having a rough time. My resting heart rate stayed above 130 bpm and my blood pressure was jumping around, like 197/63 and such. My body had a rough time, bad enough that my 23 hour hold for outpatient surgery turned into days of recovery. At first they tried weak opiates and I calmly explained to my doctor of the realm he needed to try. It took tons of morphine and dilaudid to get myself manageable. By the time they released me I was able to do pain management with oxycontin and oxycodone, with soma for the spasms.


(Part 3)

So I now have a beautiful 2 1/2-3 inch scar across my neck/throat, most of the pre-op pain and issues are gone, yet sadly have flair-ups. So I wasn't one of the lucky ones that get immediate relief, but it has gotten better. Friday I start physical therapy again and we are hoping that it will get my strength and alleviate a lot of my problems. I know some of you were worried and I appreciate the tweets, emails, messages, and such. Just know it hurts to sit at the computer still so I won't be on much, but soon I hope I will be back around more often. I've got at least another four to six weeks of recovery. Cheers!

(Edit: I have videos of the MRI and surgery and will be uploading them soon to show you all.)


Glad to hear it went well! I hope you have a speedy and full recovery :)


Sorry to hear about the complications of your surgery. I've had 5 surgical procedures on my back and still have two long scars too. I'm on a daily dose of Lyrica and Hydrocodone. I also have to see a pain doctor every 30 days.

I still consider myself lucky because I have a wonderful job that allows me to work from home 100% of the time. So I get to pick what chair I sit in and I can even lay down on the couch with a laptop on my chest if the pain gets too bad.

Worried what would happen if I lost my current job. I could never get a regular job working elsewhere due to these conditions.


@xarous: glad you made it thru surgery ok. never heard of this being done as an "outpatient surgery" before, so i am not surprised that it was an extended stay. i hope that the physical therapy helps. it does take time for the pain to completely go away, but be sure to tell the therapist people that it hurts to do the therapy and that it's still hurting later from the therapy IF it does.

my prayers are with you, and i am glad to see you able to function somewhat again. you are always welcome to come by chat and talk.


Ouch, sorry to hear about the troubles and pain, I hope you get better soon.


Best of luck with the healing! I'd only heard that you were in for surgery, glad it seems to have worked out so far.


Here's to a speedy recovery! I feel your pain (though certainly not as severe) for I have D3 as well. Best of luck to you and hope you're back to tiptop shape in no time!


Hope you recover well and soon.


Ouch! Best of luck on your recovery...I bet you'll do fine.


Scars are great conversation starters. :) I hope you feel better soon, and look forward to your MRI.


@xarous: I've been on the road for the last few weeks and am only checking in occasionally so I'm a bit behind. So glad to hear that you've gotten the surgery behind you and are able to remain positive. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your speedy recovery so you can toss those little girls in the air some more!


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