questionsdo you often use the "share this deal" ability…


Nope. I don't use any of the unsocial media tools, and if I want to share the info with a friend I send them an email from my own address. Never did that, either, come to think of it.


@magic cave: I would never use the "Share this" feature on any website. I always use email to do it myself. Companies have this feature so they can harvest email addresses of your friends and I will not let them do that.


No. I don't spam my friends and family.


I don't either, but then even if I did post it to facebook, it wouldn't do anyone any good since I refuse add any friends. (I only have the account for deals purposes.) I suppose it's my version of an anti-social network.

ETA: I also don't use the feature when there isn't a woot-off going on.


Not during the wootoff. I generally don't use the social media buttons, though. I'll just post a sale link to someone's feed.


I didn't even remember there was such a feature, since I am not active on FB or any of the other sites.
I might send a friend a link if I knew it was something they were looking for or might really like.