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Congratulations! Lucky you!

Start practicing this phrase: "Your baby smells funny." Trust me, you'll want to use it down the road, once meat is introduced into the diet.

Start making lists of what you think they'll like. Depending on financial status, and other grandparents, they may be well situated for the obvious things. I have a thousand thoughts, but I'm going to keep most of them to myself.


And congratulations from me, too. I have no advice; all I know is that (great) babyhood will be a wonderful adventure. I'm so happy for you!


That's wonderful news!!! Congratulations!!!


Your first Grand Bean, how wonderful! Do we call you "Grandma Cave" now? Many congrats!


What wonderful news, so glad you shared it with us here!


@shrdlu: "Your baby smells funny." I've placed a sticky note on my monitor so I can practice this without sounding judgmental. I'm aiming for something between surprise and amusement.

@barnabee, @lmensor, and @pickypickypicky: Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to relearning some baby stuff, assuming I can actually pry Baby Bean out of their arms every now and then. (I remember when my son had colic at age two months and cried nonstop for five days. I'd have been thrilled to have someone take him for a few hours, especially when his dad was at work and I was the only baby-tender around. I called my mom at 2am one of those days, just so I could cry to her on the phone.)

@hot72chev: ROFL! "Grandma Cave" indeed! I guess we'll have to wait and see who wants to be called what in the grandparent naming game. And I'll probably have to stop calling him/her Bean at some point, although I'm rather fond of it for now.


Congratulations !
I like the name "Bean" actually.

These are the closest to "Bean" That I could find !


@ceagee: Utterly adorable! When my son was first born my mom called him Izzy. (I have no idea where that came from, since there's no one in my family whose name is even remotely similar.) About three weeks later she said, "I'd better stop calling him that or it's liable to stick." And that was the last of little Izzy, except when my mom or my son's father would whisper, "Izzy asleep yet?"

Thanks again for the images!