questionsdo women "really" find white socks more…


I'm a dude and I like wearing my black,gray and brown socks! The only white socks I have are my no show socks for my running shoes. I don't think the ladies care one way or another, although maybe that's why i've never been good with women (Because of my Socks!) I knew there was something that was holding me back


White socks are only sexy when you're wearing nothing but boxers. Make sure you pull them all the way up- Women really love that.

I wear pretty eccentric socks because nobody ever notices them (I wear Hi-tops) On the rare occurrence when people do they absolutely love them because it took them by surprise.

"yeah the date was great! He was really funny and nice... but he was wearing black socks. Major deal breaker" Things women never say.


I would say I find clean, non stinky socks, sexiest.


Clean is always best. Then comes brown/tan socks with khakis, black socks with black pants, and so on. Jeans are anything goes for socks, but if you're wearing rainbow striped toe socks with them, be prepared for some looks. Unless you're a soccer player, please skip the mile high socks with shorts. Socks with sandals are pretty awful too.

I don't want to think about your feet, really, so the less your socks stand out, the better.


The only time we notice is when you're wearing ANY socks with sandals. Doesn't matter what color, it's not attractive!


Just go with some argyle socks. Get some in different colors.
They look classy with dress clothes and also look really unique with jeans.
They're worth the subtle reaction when you cross your legs and some honey gets a peak at your fancy socks.


most don't care what color as long as they aren't noticable or clash with the rest of the outfit (no green socks with purple pants--oh heck, just no purple pants). we are more interested in how horrible the smell is/isn't when you slip off your shoes to "get more comfy".

i do feel the need to mention something i learned in jr high home ec class. people that wear white socks tend to have less foot problems than those that wear colors. this is because most people tend to wash white socks in HOT water with bleach which kills off the fungus that can grow in a hot, sweaty socks because of shoes; whereas colors are washed in cool water with just detergent. at least that's how i remember it, jr high was a really, really long time ago.


When I met my wife, all I owned was black socks. I now don't have any, even though I prefer them.


I usually dislike white socks on guys. But at the same time it doesn't REALLY matter to me.

This thread just proves that it doesn't matter. Some ladies like one thing, some another. Don't worry about it too much.


No. I can't really say I find any color of socks sexy on guys, but a darker color like black, brown or navy would definitely be more attractive than white. Maybe, for women who find the white socks sexy, it's a mental link to athletes?


@lichme: Exact opposite for my husband. When he moved in, he had nothing but white socks. He doesn't own a single pair now.


Unless you are David Letterman, stay away from white socks with suits or other dress clothes. They go with casual clothes like jeans and always go with sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes. No socks go with boat shoes or sandals.


With casual clothes I would almost always prefer clean white socks. Unless the guy was wearing black jeans, then dark socks could be okay.

I have a HUGE pet peeve with men who wear long black socks with shorts, I just think it looks ridiculous. I could deal with the black socks if they were only ankle high and worn with black athletic shoes.


Another question for the ages answered right here on deals.woot!


Amazing. I feel as though I've traveled back in time. When I was a girl, oh, so very long ago, there was a period where we did indeed care about the color of socks a young man wore. White socks would have sealed the fate of anyone wearing them, but then, young men did not wear athletic shoes other than on the basketball court or football field. Best choices were slate gray, or black, and brown or navy socks were also not acceptable.

Of course, this was during a time when I decided against pledging Tri Delts (aka Delta Delta Delta) because I was afraid it would interfere with my social life (they had an early curfew for Freshman). The whole thing (color of socks, "acceptable" majors, and other shallow measurements of human beings) became rapidly boring after a few weeks, and I moved on to Albert Camus, and Existentialism. I've never looked back.

{Except you can put me in the camp of "Why put on sandals if it's cold enough to wear socks?"}


It could be that, despite what body shape implies, white "athletic" socks indicate that a man is more active, which makes him more desirable.

Or it could be that I have no idea what I'm talking about. If I were a betting man, I'd put money on the latter.


If I'm looking at your feet, you've already lost my attention.


Clean. That's what counts. Color is up to you and can say something about your personality.


Not sure about women but I know that with non-straight guys, some guys think only white or only black socks are sexy when worn with shorts. I know most people don´t care, some people hate socks with shorts and some people love socks with shorts. I personally think that guy with white or black socks looks more sexy in summer BUT I didn´t really ask women. Maybe it´s a bit of a fetish thing lol.