questionswill duct tape harm cotton?


It's not the best tape to use. Duct tape tends to leave a pretty sticky residue behind that is difficult to remove.


I would recommend masking tape. It is far less sticky.


@jsimsace: And thus unlikely to stay on for long. The basic answer is, anything likely to stay on for long is going to also be likely to leave a presence behind. I'd suggest instead writing it on a piece of paper (or a piece of thin white plastic) and safety pinning tit at all four corners to the back. It has the added amusement of being kind of like a "kick me" label, but not. You could also go a bit more obscure and print a picture of Edna Mole from the Incredibles with a quote balloon "No Capes!".


Duct tape never works. Every time I use it they escape.


hockey tape may work - never used it on clothes but use it on other things. it stays on, easy to remove & no residue. in a house of hockey players its often the only tape to be found!


Duct tape covers rock.
Scissors hurts cotton.


Careful with that "CAPE" on your back. People might think you are dressing like the guy from that horrible NBC tv show.


Paper clip(s) a piece of paper to the collar of your shirt that reads "Cape"

You even get the "flying cape" action!


So your costume is "Hobo Batman"?