questionswoot just showed $10 off $75. now that i ordered…


The Code is on the sponsored deal for J&R and it is only good at for items purchased at J&R, Not Items from Woot. The code at the top of the post is: Turkey10
(Unless I missed a different code in that case GRRrrrr!)


@ruger9mm: I bought the wireless router from today, was that off of J&R? I guess I'm confused why I saw it in the first place at this point.


@mogatr: Deals.woot is different from Deals.woot is a deals agrigator which allows Woot users to share internet deals with others. Almost all of the deals you find on deals.woot are not through (moofi being the exception to this) but through what ever company the link takes you to.

If you purchased the Buffalo router today, you purchased that through

What @ruger9mm said is correct. The code that you read is for not . If you move your mouse over the sponsored deal at the top of deals.woot, you will see that it says "Today over at: JR" .