questionswhat is an autographed football by hall of famer…


The rule of thumb for collectibles is that it is worth exactly the amount you are able to get someone to pay for it.

What can you expect to get someone to pay for it is another question. Jim Kelly is a Hall of Fame QB and has some notoriety associated with his name. The price you can get will depend on a lot of things.

1. Is the football an NFL issued ball or is it a cheaper one you buy for your kids?
2. How large is the autograph?
3. What is the quality of the autograph and ball?
4. Why type of pen/marker was used? Wide or narrow mark? Black or silver?
5. Does the ball have a Certificate of Authenticity? If yes, is it from your local sports shop or from a highly regarded authenticator like PSA?

All of these things will have an impact on the value of the ball, and you can guess which will improve its value. I would recommend a PSA DNA authentication whether you want to sell it or keep it. My guess, the going price is anywhere from $40-$200 based on the above criteria.


Well you'll prolly get it really close to being sold before it chokes and let's your whole family down...


Not a football fan but even I know who Jim Kelly is. There has got to be a Bills fan that wants that ball. Unfortunately, the economy in Buffalo sucks butt.