questionswhat a.m. radio show should i listen to?


I made a mistake. I meant a.m. as in morning, not A.M.

This is on a radio, no computers, podcasts, ipods.


Kevin and Bean on KROQ 106.7. I don't listen anywhere near as often as I used to now that I don't have a long commute, but they still hold up after 22+ years. I wouldn't mind if they dropped the increasingly crappy music and went to another station at some point.

Or if you're on the left side of the political aisle and don't mind an actual AM station despite your typo, there's Stephanie Miller on KTLK 1150AM.


@elforman: Thanks. I'm looking for smart, fun, entertainment and idiotic humor that I don't have to think too much about. Don't need music.

I need to mourn losing M&B.


I'll probably get downvoted, but I suggest The Rush Limbaugh show. In LA it airs 9am to noon on KFI 640AM. Try it, you'll like it.


@nortonsark: I'm sure I said mindless and fun. He's mindless but what a freaking idiot.


I don't live in LA so I don't know your broadcast radio options. I saw your post about not doing podcasts, etc - but in the event you decide to go that route, here are two that I suggest.

The Elvis Duran Show, available on iHeartRadio (they have their own channel). This is usually on a Top 40 station, mostly mindless stupid humor. It is out of NYC and syndicated across the country.

The Preston & Steve Show on WMMR. This station has the ability to livestream online or with their app on your phone/tablet. They also have podcasts of each show. This station is a rock station and the show is not syndicted. They are geared more toward a male audience and based out of Philly. However, I'm female and I enjoy them immensely. Their humor is a little more sophisticated, but also baser, if that makes any sense.


@mkdr: Thanks, Preston and Steve may be what I'm looking for but again, not radio. Why do I want radio? Because I don't even know what a podcast is!

I'm old and although I have an iPhone, I just don't get new fangled technology. I want to roll over, turn on my radio and roll back over.

Thanks all for the suggestions.


"Bob and Tom" works for me. YMMV.


@minkeygirl7: I understand what you meant by "AM", Armstrong and getty is a morning (A.M.) show from 6-10 m-f, and it's also on the AM frequency. Since chances are you weren't local to the sanfran or Sac radio markets, I suggested their podcast. (they also stream live 6-10).

I used to only listen to them on the AM Radio, but lately have started downloading their podcasts on my phone, since that way 99% of the commercials are edited out. I can also catch the first hour without having to get up at 6AM. I lie in bed and listen on my phone's speaker, just as I used to listen to them on the clock-radio.

I suggested A&G because there is no music, plenty of humor, and they're smart. They frequently have guests calling in (live in studio on rare occasions), and they discuss a lot of politics and rail against the "WHORES in the state legislature".
They even let their new producer Dominic (who was in Friday the 13th part 5) do the interview with Casey Anthony's attorney and rip him a new one..