questionswhat are your favorite deals here?


Techy stuff, and anything free mostly. I like to find stuff for around the house too; yard tools, exterior and interior stuff, decorations, furniture, anything my wife won't kill me for buying. Now that I think about it, I'm just here to look for great deals, and if I need it or have use for it, I'll consider buying it!


@eraten: Same here! But I love finding things REALLY cheap. Like Kid Icarus the other day for 15 dollars. Would never have seen it otherwise.


Free Amazon MP3 credits. They're free and I've probably been able to purchase about 10-12 songs in the past 6-12 months just from the free credits I've redeemed by paying attention here on Woot.


It's hard to avoid the allure of "free". :) Other than that, I too am mostly looking for tech/electronics that I don't need at a price that's too good to pass up.


Android app sales are awesome to hear about... but they're hard to find sometimes.
And Amazon cheap stuff with Prime shipping can't be beat.