questionsso what did you get in your latest bag of carrots?


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Unexpected awesomeness thanks to @colonelcrap


My Bag was fantastic. Lock + Lock food storage set, Electric bug zapper (already zapped myself and a few co-workers) A Cars book with buttons that make noise... for kids. Barbie Backpack, Black Duffle bag, some drink holder or something, a ladies small woot shirt. and something else I'm forgetting.

Not a bad haul for 8 dollars, I swear that Lock+Lock set was just on woot for 24 dollars.


Mine is "out for delivery". Why, oh why, is my house at the end of the mail route?


@katblue: Mine has been "out for delivery" for 2 days. I think my truck got re-routed to Canada.


@thumperchick: Aww gee, thanks for the encouragement. I think.

Edit: I have a friend who lives in Canada. Maybe she can check on that for you. It's not like it's a big country or anything...


Here's my haul, nothing too fantastic, but was a good haul nonetheless.


Best BoC yet this time around. I'm an incredibly happy camper.

77-piece Reed & Barton Everyday Concannon stainless steel flatware service for 12 plus 12 bonus steak knives ($149.99 list)

Rabbit fliptop cocktail shaker ($29.99 list),

black duffle bag (don't know the cost),

ladies large t-shirt with the seal of University Wikipedius ($15.00), and

Humvee monofold compact binocular (monocular?), (don't know the cost, but it's not a toy).

As someone whose BoCs are sometimes very carppy, I had my socks knocked off by this one.


My 5.7 lb bag just arrived. Nothing too different than others have already gotten: lawn sprinkler, 3 tripods, blue duffel bag, and Igo charger with no tips, flowering tea,

AND: Not one, but TWO Baywatch Barbie backpacks. Wow! I'm speechless!

I am so unworthy of this great honor.


Does the Backpack count as a bag? If not I didn't get a bag, sigh


I received the same as OP but with a WXL zombie bait shirt. I expected crap and woot! did not disappoint. :)


@linuxtrance: The rule of thumb is this - 4 total items, one of which has to be a bag. Yes, a backpack counts as a bag.


i got stoodup by the deliverybunny.


@thumperchick: That's what I figured :) I'm actually happy with my crap, nothing spectacular, but the anticipation and the "little kid at Christmas" feeling I got when opening it was well worth it.


I'll get mine tomorrow if the post office is open.


Let's see..

- A star wars calendar that I gave to my sisters friend.
- Locking Tupperware (x2) that I gave to my mom.
- Pop up sprinkler that I gave to my dad.
- Pet blanket that I gave to my dog.
- Two shirts (it came out of nowhere and ugly xmas sweater) that I gave to my sister.
- And a gym bag, for myself.

So yeah, I gave most of mines away and it was the best feeling in the world. :D

Can't wait what comes next because I love the adrenaline rush anxiety that keeps me awake at night like I was going to Disneyland the next day. Remember that commercial? The first half is basically what I looked like the whole week waiting. Lol.


- Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar
- Black Duffel Bag
- Electric Bug Zapper
- Pop-up/Pop-down Lawn Sprinkler
- Easy-Bake Cake and Cookie Kit
- 2 shirts (Zombie Bait & Lassie pushing the kid down a well) that wouldn't have fit me 15 years ago let alone today.

Already gave away the shirts, going to give away the Easy-Bake Kit and Duffel soon. I was secretly praying to not get one of the toilet foot flushers after seeing one of the posts. All in all, a fun experience.

First of (hopefully) many BOCs.


I've given those flowering teas as gifts before- not sure about that specific brand, but I know in general they aren't cheap. Nice thing to throw in.