questionsholy carp!! i just got a gigantic unexpected boc…


Congrats on the BOC! You deserve it. (I mean that in the nicest way possible.)


As a recent recipient of a giant bag of crap, I share your joy. :) Can't wait for pictures / inventory. Congrats!


That's awesome. Congrats! I await pictures!


Me too!!!! I started a thread on woot main - HERE

This box is epic. Seriously - I don't normally assign cash value to crap, but we looked this one up and it's over $600.


@thumperchick: Would you mind posting contents over here, too, when you have a few minutes?


That's wonderful, congrats to both you and @thumperchick!!! :)


At least someone has some good news. I hope it is a bag to remember.


sweet! surprise BOCs are the best. :)


@thumperchick: and now you have more crap :) Congrats!


@magic cave: In case clicking one link is too much? :)

Here's a pic:


Cool, random fun from Woot. Congrats to both of you!


Sweetness - you're now Woot BOC Royalty in our City.


That's Craptastic!! Congratulations!!


@thumperchick: You know why donkeys don't go to school?

I'd already seen your treasure trove -- I just thought it would be nice to have it all in one thread over here and that it would be presumptuous of me to drag it here myself.


Reporting back (sorry, no pictures_

NO bags of Texas air -- the box was totally stuffed
Clay Beach striped beach towel
Discovery Expedition Porro Binoculars
SPECK CorePack Notebook Messenger bag
XTreme 6' high Speed HDMI cable
Incipio Delta Dual Protection iPhone case
Amplitude iRig connector (guitar to iPad or iPhone)
Spice Island 5-piece pack of spices
TotalSpa 2-in-1 dual head spa multi-shower
KISS high performance ear buds
Gunnar Rocker Z amber sunglasses
L5 remote for iPhone or iPad
LifeGear orange Flashlight/glow stick/whistle
CarTunes USB music player
Huffy Sports inflatable volley ball net for swimming pools
BOC can koozie
Screaming Woot! monkey with mask
Woot! shirt (AA WL)
Color test shirt (AA MXL)

This was the best surprise I've had in weeks! Thank you again, Woot!


@thumperchick: Looks as if Santa Woot visited us both with great goodies! And yes, I got a lovely picture of the ever gorgeous Mr. Shalhoub. I think I'll frame it.


That is too cool! You both deserve the recognition for your loyalty. Congrats!


Soooooo jealous!! Congrats, sounds like you guys some great stuff. Glad to see Woot! is still doing some great stuff for their customers.


@mml666: Oh that? That's just the woot mojo I take every day with my coffee in a tea bottle.

Really though, those are my dog's cough meds. Also, I do have coffee in a tea bottle.


Wow! You both deserve it! Congrats!

(And I think that this is the only place where saying "You deserve crap" is understood to be a compliment!)


Congrats to you both. Jealousy level = 9.3


@magic cave: @thumperchick: Looks like I'm a little late for the party. Congrats! It looks like you both got some pretty crappy crap. :) Uh, is there any cake left?


@barnabee: Cake? Left over? HAH! Not in my house!


That's pretty freakin awesome. I actually almost got my first BOC in years during the cake ustream birthday celebration. Got to the processing screen before I saw the big DENIED. Oh well, that was far, far closer than I've been in a long time so I shouldn't complain (but I clearly just did).
Congrats to both of you. You certainly earned it with all you both do around here!


I too received a most excellent woot! 9th birthday present. Very happy to see the Color Test/Technical Difficulties shirt first (in my size!) as I did so want one. Letter same as others, I thought the 'e to our coli' was a classy touch ; )

Pics (plus a bonus one of Patton enjoying the box sent for her personally):

Screaming Woot Monkey (still needs name)
woot! shirt
Color Test aka Technical Difficulties shirt (yeah!)
Ping Pong On The Go (excited about this, have a date to try)
Add A Hook
Gun Mug
300 MPS TRENDnet Home Router
Incipio iPhone 5 case
3 piece Ivory Cotton Loop towel set
Lego Brick Light
HP Shelby GT 500 Computer Mouse (vroom)
Nabi Tablet
Aladdin Lunch Box
Legendary B.O.C. koozie
Starcraft 2 Razr Marauder Keyboard (if I start playing Blizzard games again, it's on you, woot!)
Antec Notebook Cooler stand

Wow. And thank you. Grateful.


@lonelypond: WOW! Congratulations! Wasn't that fun! And thanks for the pic of Patton in her special box.


congrats to all that received one and here's to hoping I still have one show up since these things (aka stuff I bought) usually take a minimum of 5 days to get to me from Woot! HQ.


@lonelypond: The cat was in the box too? Eesh!


Congratulations to those of you who received the Bags of Cake for Birthday. I am super jealous but you deserved it