questionsi would like to return an item my order # is…


Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.


Generally you should only be returning a product if it is defective. Otherwise if you want to return it because you don't want it anymore, you may need to try and resell it via ebay/craigslist to recoup some of your money. If your product is defective however, a good place to start would be by contacting the manufacturer first to see if they can help you out, and if not, you should email for assistance.


The product is defective my username is (mod: removed email to prevent malicious shenanigans)
order No. 43137453


@chendricks59: No, no, no, no no. Don't tell us! Contact This is a forum for deals.woot. The people you are talking with here are not Woot staff. Do as thunderthighs told you--she is Woot staffer, but does not work in the returns dept.


@barnabee: At least (s)he replied. So many of these posts never get any follow up from the OP.


@thedogma: So very true, but (s)he was also giving out some personal info which we lowly Wooters shouldn't see.