questionsis roku worth the money?


Heard something on the news the other day that said roku boxes are projected to be the "it" device for 2012. Many people bought new TV in the last few years and they were not internet ready, so these boxes are a cheap simple add on. I'm looking at one too....


I got a Roku from Woot before Christmas. With a Jumbowoot coupon it was definitely with the money.

I can stream from pretty much all the content providers I care about and the image quality is excellent. So for about $40 I was able to convert one of my older TVs into a "smart TV".


I took the leap on the XDS that was on sellout the other day. I'm hoping to cancel my cable with no regrets with it, so we'll see. I'm gathering they're not great for streaming local content, which is disappointing, but we'll see when I get it. But I'm also interested in hearing about local channels thru the Roku, that would be neat as I was considering sticking with the $15/month basic cable plan from my cable provider. Would be nice not to.

But honestly, I bet there will be a good deal on one soon/in the next woot off so for $40-$60, its worth a shot. Given they are going to be popular for a while, you could sell it if it doesn't work out (my plan).


@durkzilla: can it get local tv channels like FOX, ABC, CBS?


It cannot get local channels. The channels it gets are more like "special interest" channels. heres a link with the channels straight from the roku site.

if you have a ps3 with netflix, I would probably wait/not buy especially if you don't want hulu plus... reason for is YOU HAVE A PS3 that plays NETFLIX. My 3 most used channels... netflix, HBOGO, and NHL (all 3 i pay additional)..... other ones I barely use but then again I have HD SAT so no need.

for your locals if you can barely get anything / need pointing directions for OTA ant.... EXCELLENT site.


You can't stream local tv channels on the Roku.

It is possible to play video files from your computer (via Plex), but it would be easier to just get a WDTV Live player if that is something you would be using a lot.

And just a little note about the USB port on the Roku, you can't play .avi files, the main codec it supports is .mp4.

I already own a Roku 2 XS, and I'll be honest, I would much rather have a WDTV Live player because it does more and it's simpler to use.


If you want channels like Fox, CBS, ABC to play on your Roku you would have to get Hulu prime. And that doesn't have actual local stuff like the new. It just has the big time shows from them.


I would say yes but I haven't had cable for a couple of years and using netflix and just recently bought a Roku, I have most of what I need but I guess it would depend on the individual. I don't watch sports and don't have any must see shows so I make due with Netflix and Roku channels. I also get a lot more done around the house as well with out cable.


Another yes. I've got an internet connected BluRay and I wish I would have got a Roku instead. We've had it for about 6 months now and haven't played a single disc with it.

I completely dumped DirecTV when I got it and haven't looked back. The only thing I miss about TV is that news was more easily accessible.


There are many very inexpensive ways to stream any & everything you can think of from a PC to any HDTV. Roku, imho, falls quite short of being useful offering you ways to stream pay services like Vudu/Netflix etc but not services like HBO Go, Max Go, and many others. If you want a box to stream everything through, wait a few months and pickup one of the new Samsung ChromeBoxes. There isn't anything you can't stream through that since it's a web browser.