questionsis there even a remote chance that there will be…


I wish I knew more. When they were talking about the ebay firesale, I had read that it would be the absolute last one since they are all refurbished. Someone posted a deal for Tiger Direct though.


@j3falcon: What did the tiger direct deal say?


The Tiger Direct deal was a 32GB bundle with some accessories for $249 (now sold out).

As for another HP firesale, I think it's safe to say - no. The ebay refurb firesale was the blaze of glory. Now you're looking at used or ebay/amazon if you want one and it will cost you somewhere in the $225-$275 range most likely.


Maybe there will be a firesale of the refurb of the refurb...


I would doubt looks done.

Although I think if you hold out a little while and don't mind used then people will begin parting with them w/o trying to make a profit. Craigslist, ebay etc will probably be filling with them when the hype dies down.