questionshave you ever commented on amazon reviews before?


I comment on reviews only sometimes. Usually it's because I felt like correcting someone, praising someone's review or objections.

Believe it or not, some people do happen to get their hands on unreleased games several months before the release date (I'm not sure if this was the case) by whatever means. How do they do it is still a mystery for me, but I'm guessing they get these straight from the factory and sell them way before the official release date.


I avoid it. People there tend to suck. I've noticed Amazon doesn't let you review most products early anymore, pretty much for the reason that you can't rate something that hasn't been released yet.

I've written one or two reviews, but I generally don't participate in that end of Amazon.


@joshobra: I myself have purchased games prior to release date, but its NEVER been more than 1 week prior. (There is a local game store that shall be left unnamed who has the hook-up for some games).

But to get it Xmas? 3 months prior to release? I call BS..

It does more sound like an advertisement from the developer who wants to pad the rating of the game on Amazon. (Remember Diablo 3 reviews? lol -- that was quite the opposite).


I review non-fiction books there occasionally, but only when I know the author or when I'm asked to do so. Well, now that I think of it, I've written reviews of a few in response to trolls who set me off. I try not to do that, either, but sometimes......


Absolutely. I usually do so when I agree with specific comments, but I don't usually comment if I disagree. That's what writing a review is for (how often do those comments get viewed by people, anyway?).


@joshobra, @devexityspace Back when i was a loser in college (not that being in college made me one, i just was), I was a game tester (legitimate, lol). Got a bunch of free games, and was paid maybe 10k a year total and got to keep the games. I typically got them anywhere from 2 weeks prior to release (non beta, fully functional game - mainly to build up hype. I had to send over "good screen shots", reviews, and the like) to 1 year in advance (total beta, buggy, bad physics, etc.)

For every 5 i tested, maybe 2 would get released. I tested for xbox and PC platforms, though at the time, I was provided with a developer version of the xbox (original) - now there are SDKs that can be run on any 360, though they usually block you from going on xbox live (or allow it only in a limited fashion)

for beta games, if it ever got released, i'd be sent a retail copy. For pre-release versions, i'd simply get to keep it. I also often got goodie bags, with games for many diff. systems.


@joshobra: lol, i run my own business now. That was back in the original xbox days. job was okay, at the time... i mean, i was bored in school (doing well, but bored), literally doing nothing with my time except bumming around. the money sucked for the hours i put in, and it wasn't as though every game test was a blockbuster. At least i got some goodies - usually gave them away though. It became such that i hardly ever played games for personal entertainment anymore. Bug-testing some piece of crap that was never to get released, but still required 60+ hours of tedious play, and they wanted an answer in a week... yah, it became arduous. The highlight of that time period was when i got to test a nearly done star wars KOTOR on the PC about 7 weeks before release. came with a whole press pack and everything - miniature r2d2 tin that's probably somewhere at my parent's house (even though it's the wrong time period, but hey who cares lol)



Ah, I see what you mean there. That reminds me so much of how every time I played Batman Arkham City or Call of Duty, I think about all those beta testers who pretty much had to stress with all those bugs (even in the final release it was really buggy). That also reminded me a bit of this pic...

Right now the closest thing that I can find for beta testing games is and it's not even a full time job. You can just pretty much go in, play an unreleased game for a few hours, tell them how you feel, get paid and leave with goodies sometimes. The amount paid though? Last I've heard was around $50 for one session and you get the final release game when it officially comes out.

My bad also for going a bit off topic!


Still off-topic, but there is a company here that hires people to beta-test games. One of DS' friends does this, and DS wanted to do it for a while, but the games produced locally to be tested are all sports related and, frankly, DS doesn't know a football from a basketball. Well, he probably could tell you which is which, but he doesn't care.


I do fairly frequently. Sometimes to praise a really good review, other times to nitpick a bad review that I feel is unfair.


I've left some reviews on amazon before, usually when a product really stinks and I want to warn people, or when a product is surprisingly awesome and I want to share.

I guarentee that these reviews on a $45 gallon of milk at amazon will make you laugh until you cry. This milk has changed the lives of soooo many people:


@baronz: Replying to myself. Here are a few teaser reviews to get you to click that link:
I made a milkshake and when all the boys came to the yard, they experienced major stomach contractions and food poisoning. Would recommend as a gift to someone you don't like (your wife maybe)
Because tuscan milk is the hero america deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt tuscan milk. Because it can take it. Because it's not our hero. It's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A tuscan milk.
It's 100% true!!! My wife left me cuz she said I spend money foolishly... But on the up side I won the 2 gallons in the divorce. Funny she didn't fight for them... She took the house and cars... Pffft.... As if I can't just go across town and get those things replaced.
Be sure you read the fine print -- the picture is not an accurate representation of this product.
Mine arrived in a cow, "some assembly required." On the plus side, I have to admit it WAS pretty fresh.