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M-I-C "See ya real soon" K-E-Y "Why? Because we love you!" M-O-U-S-E


Annette spent the last many years coping (with great grace, from what I read) with a difficult, terrible disease. My mother also had MS, and I know how difficult her later years were. If there's really a Saint Peter, he's probably already gotten her a nice cold drink, a big soft fluffy beach blanket, and a CD of all that wonderful, horrible, 1960's beach-party music that many of us grew up singing. She was a classy young woman who grew into a classy old woman, and we Boomers will miss her.


@magic cave: Although my parents were the "Boomers" I couldn't agree more and I couldn't have said it better.


I remember watching reruns of the Mickey Mouse club in the 80's, those "Merlin Jones" films, and a couple of "beach" movies. Special talent and a strong woman to have coped with such a crippling disease for so long.

RIP Annette.


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RIP Annette. I was a fan in my younger days.

In my opinion, her best movie was "Back to Beach". It was a parody of her beach movies and it was hilarious.


I grew up watching Back to the Beach. Still a great movie. She will be missed and even though she was 70, she still had the look.


I loved her Disney movies, too. I think she was in "The Shaggy Dog," for one. Her years on The Mickey Mouse Club were mostly before my time, but I recall a standup comedian do a bit about how she matured over one summer. He said that, at the end of one season of the show she was wearing her Mickey Mouse club shirt with her name across the front ANNETTE. When she came back the next season her shirt read ANNETTE FUNICELLO OF THE MOUSEKETEERS.

I saw a few interviews with Annette after she was diagnosed with MS. She was a very brave woman in the face of such a devastating illness.


Watched her in the MMC reruns ( original before my time) Disney movies always a big thing growing up.
Used to be that Sunday afternoon TV shows were all old movies -- including the beach flicks. On a wintery day when you we were stuck in as kids that was the ticket !

Although I'm sure her friends and family are horribly grief stricken, I hope Annette has relief from the horrible pain and other symptoms she suffered from progressive MS.


It was a sad day at my house when we heard. My girlfriend has MS so she is very sensitive whenever there is news about someone else who suffers from it. I am from the Utica area and Annette is one of the only famous people we could claim.