questionswhat's better, civilization iv or v?


Now I am wondering why I am even considering this, these games are incredible at making hours disappear and I don't have any to spare.


I've never played Civ V, but others have told me that they feel it's much more complicated than Civ IV.


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I think if you've never played either than Civ V might be the way to go. It's a little simpler and more accessible to a newbie in my opinion. Civ IV is much deeper, especially if you use the expansions.

If you're completely new to the Civ series and want something you can easily pick up and play for short periods then Civ Revolution is a good start. Unfortunately it's not available on the PC, but you can play it on Xbox, PS3, Nintendo DS, and Ipad.


Civ 2 will always be my favorite, but I've liked Civ IV. I've always been a fan of Colonization, so Civ IV wins my vote (although I believe that was a stand alone expansion).


Civ V dumbed things down a lot. If you want a simpler game that's the way to go, but diplomacy and the game as a whole is a lot more simplistic than a fan of the older civilizations is used to.

Civ IV really had a lot of things down, but was complex. I like Civ V's change to a hex grid, and while the limits on the $ of units per tile is annoying, it should be limited (May I suggest 3-5, firaxis, and not 1 so bad AI unit movement mapping doesn't destroy all of their offensive capability?). But the Civic system is kind of dumb (I like Civ IV's build-a-government system), the tech tree is silly, and diplomacy in Civ V is a joke.

For me I play V when doing homework. It isn't so engaging or distracting that I take forever to do homework, but gives me a break every once in awhile.