questionsany recommendation for a place to purchase mre's?


gettin ready for the zombie apocalypse?


I've never tried ordering them online, but I may just be overly cautious. I like to be able to make sure they're intact and such. I recommend checking out local surplus and Army supply stores. There's a great one in Belltown in Seattle, if that helps. =)


I have been to this store in Fort Worth, Texas. The prices are fairly good on most items they sell.


I quit wasting money on MRE's and expensive camping food ($6-9 each).

All those retortable foods in mylar bags are a lot cheaper ($1-2 each) at the grocery store. Smoked salmon, tuna, all sorts of tinned meats are available in bags now. Jerky also works nicely. You can even get ravioli and cheese, indian food, beef stew, and lamb stew in a bag now. There are also a bunch of no fridge TV dinners the strangest one was Newfoundland Seal-flipper pie. You can get anything in cans.


MRE's can come in really useful sometimes. You may want to check out the following site. They have some emergency supplies and 72 hour kits that are pretty impressive.