questionsanyone know where the best christmas lights…


What kinds of lights are you wanting? The classic 1watt bulbs, LED, standard mini lights?

In the event you want LED lights, I know that Lowe's, Walmart and a few other retailers offered a credit towards the purchase of new LED lights if you brought in your old lights to recycle them. It turned out to be a really good deal (but I really don't like LED Christmas lights) and some were able to save a lot of money doing that


I somehow doubt that you're going to find much in the way of deals at this time of year... Last year about 10 days after Christmas I was able to find a whole slew of LED bulbs at over 50% off at a local Home Depot. Bought enough to do the whole house and I'm finally rid of all the finicky chains of lights where you can never find the one bulb that is burnt out. The store where I found the deal was sort of off the beaten track, the bigger one closer to the house was picked over by 2 or 3 days after Christmas and the prices never got that low.


Thanks for the responses fellow wooters. I want LEDs, but any kind of them. Small, large, colors, whites, etc. I forgot about the trade in program. Maybe I'll gather all the junk lights my family and my dad have and just trade them in.

Thanks for the advice folks!


This place has all sorts of different types of lights (even white and brown string if you don't like green), and they have specials they put up on Facebook and other sites every now and again.