questionswhy do we eat things that don't taste good?


What brand of cookie was it?

I'm a bit fan of cookies, but not so much out of a vending machine. Most vending machine cookies I've had tend to be on the stale or odd tasting side.

But my answer is, sugar is addicting.


1. Because you're hungry.
2. Because chocolate is addictive with the caffeine.
3. Because there isn't anything better for you to get at that time.


i find that even mediocre food in front of me can trigger pleasurable associations with better quality versions i've eaten in the past. sometimes the memory is enough to get by.

no1 no1

is it possible you need to start eating more/healthier food at meal times? something to make you feel full and not like you "need" a bad cookie? how about if they start putting brocolli in the cookie? then at least you would have the knoweledge that it might be less bad for you.

would it be wrong to put a package of decent (or heaven forbid good) cookies/snacks in your desk for munchie time? they market a brand around my area called "WhoKnew" it is "who knew a cookie could taste so delicious and still be nutritious". they actually do taste as good as oreos and keebler cookies and have at least a few vitamins/minerals in them.


@no1: glad i'm not the only one. i think you've hit on a thing here. that's what i was trying to get at.
i'm curious about the human inclination to eat tasteless food and seemingly derive pleasure from it, regardless of flavorlessness.

@iggz: YOU'RE A TACO.


@moosezilla: I find most "healthy" sweets to be brutally sweet. It's like they double up on the sugar to make up for taking out the fat.

RE the original question, I try to actually be aware of whether I actually want the food I am eating and discard it rather than eat it anyway if it isn't giving me the desired enjoyment. But I have the luxury of a big office with a cabinet and a little fridge all my own to store goodies that live up to my hopes. Then it's just a matter of finding the best balance of nutrition and deliciousness for my calorie buck. If you have a Costco membership, they sell a lot of healthy and tasty snacks (and plenty of unhealthy and tasty snacks) in single serve packages.


Why? Habituation. Eat junk for long enough, and you develop a tolerance/desire for it. Why do you explain someone's preference for Gin and Tonic? Or Natty light

Love G&T, btw.


There's also been research that shows modern wheat/corn/sugar to have addictive properties. Perhaps our mediocre snacks have hit upon the perfect formula for mediocre crack?


I'm going to throw them under the bus and guess Grandma's. At some point they changed the recipe, and it just isn't the cookie we all remember, but can't seem to forget. They're now salty, high fructose corn syrup-laden, stale hockey pucks, but we keep gong back.


I think it's habit. You're used to the ritual of going to the machine and picking out the cookie each day.


I'm not sure about your cookie "fetish", but since I quit smoking I am trying to keep my snacks healthier. I've been taking white grapes and gummies(made with real fruit juice!) to work. I'm not sure about why you eat food that doesn't taste good, but I eat things that do.
tl;dr I have no answer.


MSG? I can down a bag of chips in one go.. Not very healthy is it lol


Because our Moms taught us not to waste food.
Because our Moms taught us not to waste our money.

Though if we were really listening to Mom, we would not have spent our money buying junk from the vending machine in the first place!


We always do something we dont like to do.


I eat when I'm bored, lonely, happy, sad, hungry, not happens. We just eat.
Somehow I've managed to stay slim sitting at this desk the last 3 years too!
I'm thinking I'll need to start hitting the gym another time or two a week though to make it through the next few months of Holidays!
I agree with the other comment about keeping healthier snacks (or at least snacks that you choose!) at your desk.
I buy groceries specifically for use at work and then just bring them in here and keep at my desk.


I've broken that bleh-food habit. It's only really tasty or nothing now. Forget that hersheys bar, I have a desk drawer with bags of Lindt and Ghirardelli. Most people just think I'm a snob.


Rip off, I thought this was going to be a post about brussel sprouts or lima beans.

Speaking of Lima Beans, I try to shake it up a bit during can food drives, I look in the box and it's Lima Beans and Ramen - so I throw some Rotel, refried beans, corn, green beans, Campbell's soup, etc I'm sure the recipients of that food would like it very much if they never ate a lima bean again


Because you are addicted to refined/simple carbohydrates.

You probably get hungry for cookies at ~3pm. You are looking to replace blood sugar lost to excessive insulin release.

I had the same problem. I would eat mediocre tasting junky food all day because I was crashing. My body knew the cookies had the simple carbs that would get my blood sugar back up.


you need to detoxicate your system if that thing wasn't good but you still ate it cause you have cravings. Try eating some food with with a high content of Folic acid and fiber to clean out ur system, like cereals, broccoli, nuts, fiber cookies which now come in chocolate flavor, bananas, berries, etc.