questionswhich accounting software is better, quickbooks…


Quickbooks. Just look at the number of positions advertised that require experience with it. I've never seen a position advertised that required experience with Peachtree.


@shrdlu: I don't consider that a good reason to go with Quickbooks.

I think that this is just a user preference thing. You're better off researching both and getting the one that suits you best. Personally, I'd rather pay someone to do my taxes every year.


I always go with the old mobster ledger hidden in a secret compartment within a safe. But I'm kinda oldschool and don't want the feds to know that I had Jimmy the Rat offed because he didn't pay his protection money.


@mlutz3: Quickbooks is for businesses. If you're trying to select between them, it's not going to have a lot to do with who does your taxes (or not).

Now that I think about it, I'm going to drag in some expertise here:

@dcalotta knows stuff. He'll probably tell you not to use either one. :-D

For the sake of long term employment, however, my point still stands. Knowledge of one of those packages can help you to get a job. The other one, not so much.


@shrdlu: Well if that's your only argument, then technically either one could get you a job. If you go to Monster and do a search, either one will yield results, Quickbooks just has a higher yield. It's more popular, sure, but is it better? The answer to that is where it's mainly opinion and/or based on your needs. I won't be getting either one because I don't need it, I was just giving some input...


Oh oh I know!

I'll assume we're talking about for a business (some people do go nuts and work up a full Quickbooks for their personal stuff). I'm partial to Quickbooks. It's really easy to use, really easy to generate useful reports, and if you set it up correctly and are diligent, will save you a lot of time come 1099 time. Also very easy to send a file to your CPA for tax prep when it's tax time!

And don't believe the hype. If you buy 2012 Quickbooks and it does everything you need, there's no reason at all to go out and upgrade... ever. I still have some clients on 2002, because that's where they were set up and it's where they'll remain. Hooray for one time costs!

Like @shrdlu noted, I believe that understanding what you're doing is more important than where you're doing it. A la, knowing basic accounting is more important than Quickbooks vs. Peachtree.


we started out with peachtree because it seemed like what would work best for our home business (plus it was free after rebate--usually happens every january on the newest version). i had recently gotten an accounting degree so i figured it would be no problem to set it up. WRONG!!!! four years later when we gave up on the business ever working we were happy to have peachtree out of our lives.

if you are using it to set up the books for a new(er) business then talk with your actual accountant to get advise.


I've used QB for years. It started out easy, then a hatred began. They stopped support for my older versions, I had to upgrade. They have too many in program advertisements. They charge too much for payroll. They want me to switch to the construction version. They want me to use them for merchant services. I want them to change their search features. We go round and round. It's an entirely personal vendetta.

In reality, it's a very good program. I get good customer support. I have to use it because my accountant uses it. She's a friend, so I get great service at a great rate - free. QB also has many other services that cater to it, (like my real merchant service has a QB plug in). You can buy ready for QB checks and other specialty paper products.


@dcalotta: I still have some clients on 2002, because that's where they were set up and it's where they'll remain.

Really? Do they use payroll? I had to upgrade in order to be able to get updates.
I imagine if I did my payroll & IRS reports by my self, I wouldn't have had to upgrade either. But my math gene is majorly defective, so I try not to add much. ;-)


@klutzyruth: Nope, no QB payroll. The client base that I'm talking about is a little nontraditional (a lot of management entities for funds) and the entities either don't have employees or use ADP or Paychex. I've never actually done a payroll, I know, shocking haha. Always been in public accounting - so these clients are write ups for tax returns for the most part.


Depends on your needs. Picking the right software is a pain, but at least many developers offer free trials, and you should try them.

Check out this comparison table between PeachTree and QuickBooks, from GetApp, a company I work for. We help businesses in discovering cool apps: