questionsdo you want to see my boc from baybei?


On the first day of Wootmas, Ms. Baybei sent to meeeeee:
5 - Kid’s Night Out Bingo Card Sets
2 pack Dream Catchers
Plastic Knife Sharpener
2 pack Santa Gift Boxes
Purple notepad & sticky note set
Pump Action Water Mister
2 Red Taper Candles
12 pack Christmas Pencils
4 A+ School Rewards Pencils
2-headed Angry Birds Dog Toy
2 Clear Heart Necklaces
Foam Fish from the New York State Lottery 2012
Ripley’s Aquarium, Myrtle Beach SC - ‘Popper’ Toy
Bag of Green Craft Beads
Opened Pack of Funny Christmas Cards w/Envelopes
2 A+ School Rewards Plastic Cups
6 Bendy Snowmen
Blue Fuzzy Gloves
Snowman Sticky Notes – Pad
LED Headlamp
Underwear Keychain
2 Travel Tin Candles (Sugar Cookie and Happy holiday)
Blue Lindt Chocolates Box
Unfinished(unstarted) Wooden Snowman Cutout
Hand Painted Wooden Bell Ornament
Hand Painted Wooden Block Ornament
A ‘Good’ Screaming/Flying Woot! Monkey, with Pink “Monkey Games 2012” Cape (Salt grinder pictured not included)


@thumperchick: Wow! That got there fast! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I do pardon any stray cat hairs. Much as I try they are everywhere! I had a lot of fun packing it all up! And, yes, I painted those ornaments. Hopefully you'll find some good use for everything (even if it's re-crapped, lol!)


Nothing better than good crap!


That's WAY more than 3 craps.
Also, what differentiates a "good" monkey from a "bad" monkey?

j5 j5

@j5: The good monkeys are the old ones that were made beore Woot changed manufacturers. The newer ones look less monkey-like and more dog-like (at least to me).


@j5: The bad monkeys had plastic noses that really hurt when they hit your eyeball. Also, I think they had a Zorro mask instead of a hat. Impostors!


That is a very impressive boc!