questionsis amazon down? has the mothership crashed?


Yep, you're right. Amazon is down. I was actually redirected back to Google.

I guess the zombie apocalypse has really started.


@atd15: I think I broke it, I was trying to cancel an expensive order I placed in error. I hope it stays up, despite all of the griping, re: woot, I kind of like that place.


@pickypickypicky: Man, so now I have to pull all those boards of the windows, and apologize to my neighbors about not believing that they were not the living dead.


@atd15: You might want to leave them up, a lot of people here in Florida do, they claim because of the hurricanes. But I think we both know it's about the zombies, really. Every Floridian knows, you use masking tape on the windows to ward off hurricanes.


I placed an order an hour or two ago. The only problem I had, is that things I hadn't planned on buying jumped into my cart.
Maybe it was down to install that new software. Not to mention their embedded mind suggestion program .
I don't seem to care that I purchased those items at the moment...... hmmm....