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Users can only tattle, not delete. Deleting is done by the mods. If the mods are deleting your item, it's because something about it doesn't fit within their guidelines.


It isn't the product that doesn't have enough reviews, it's your Amazon storefront that doesn't.


The reason the using who tattled gave, was that my Amazon listing needs 1000 reviews.. But as I said, that would exclude like 90% of the products on Amazon. It would definitely exclude 99% of the listings for my product on Amazon.. What's frustrating me, is that all the other deals on woot for competing products, do not meet this requirement, yet this user isnt reporting them.. He's just targeting me.. I'm guessing other too, as they probably got deleted.. He's definitely policing this product, and only allowing a few brands to post deals.


I dont have an Amazon storefront.. I list in the marketplace.. In the marketplace there are only two kinds of reviews.. Product reviews, and seller reviews.. If the case of both, none of the other deals are close to 1000 (product or seller reviews). And very few products on Amazon are.


I'll be more specific. My product is Garcinia Cambogia. Do a search for deals.. See if any of those deals meet this requirement.. If they dont. Go scorched earth on them. lol
They definitely got someone defending their territory.


@nomaddigitalmarketing: The problem is not that you're getting tattled on for breaking the rules it's that others are not being tattled on. The best way to fix the real problem is to tattle on those deals, not whine for an exception to the rules.


So, out of curiosity I went and looked. The difference with every single one I looked at is that they are selling this product using Amazon for fulfillment.

This means less risk for the buyer since the products are stocked in Amazon's warehouses.

Perhaps you should consider working with Amazon...


@durkzilla is correct. This is a very important difference.


I am also using Amazon fulfillment. So.. No difference.. And that wasnt the reason given for tattling on me.. If there is a requirement, for 1000 storefront reviews. You can clearly see that none of the deals meet that requirement.. I would be happy to give you my product link, so you can see, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to do that here.. The point is, we are all using FBA (fulfillment by Amazon), none of us have 1000 reviews (product, seller, or storefront). Yet, this specific user is policing competing products. I think the same rules should apply to everyone.


@nmchapma: I tried that.. I copied and pasted the exact thing that was said to me, to those also without 1000 reviews. However nothing has happened. Apparently I'm too new.. But you guys could certainly do that to some effect. So either the reason my deals were deleted was not the reason I was told, or there is an uneven playing field.. And this affects my business and my life.. So I have no choice but to pursue a solution to even the playing field. If there was some other reason my deals were deleted. Some rule I have violated that they didnt, I would love to know what it is, so I can correct it.. But from what I can see, there's no difference.. There's just one user defending the space from competing deals.


@nomaddigitalmarketing: The reason listed in the tattle may or may not be the reason your deals are being deleted. Either way, a mod is making that decision, not the one tattling. More than likely, you are missing something. I'm sorry to be that way but Amazon storefronts have been a pain around here for a while and while I can't speak for everyone I'd say most are pretty happy with the new ways these storefronts are being handled.

As far as this affecting your life and your business - Deals.woot is basically offering FREE advertising. If you aren't happy with it then move on. If you really want a solution to your problem maybe @prettywootprincess could look into this and send over one of her minions to explain :-) (Thanks PWP)


The 1k refers to a feedback rating.

This can be found here:

There any many deals being taken down that do not have this rating. The same goes for eBay.


@nomaddigitalmarketing: Just to clarify where the requirement for 1000 user reviews comes from: PrettyWootPrincess [intentionally not invoking her] is the boss of all of

It's likely that I'm the person who tattled on yours, especially since I add boiler plate language in the comments of every deal I tattle stating what is wrong with the posting. I tattle on any and every deal I find that doesn't follow the rules for posting on this site, including some vendors I really like and have ordered from in the past when there was no require about having any specific feedback ratings. I don't "defend" anyone.

The reason you haven't been able to tattle on other unacceptable posts is that while you're a user of this site, you're not a member. Go buy something -- anything -- from one of the sites; that purchase will make you an official member and give you both voting and tattling rights. Then you too can help keep the place tidied up.




The info on becoming a member and how to vote and tattle is included in the boiler plate information I post on every deal I tattle. You'd have saved yourself a lot of time and frustration if you'd read it.

Just for the record, this is the boilerplate I use when the issue is feedback reviews:

"One of the current requirements for posting deals from an eBay or Amazon storefront is that the merchant must have a minimum of 1000 buyer reviews. Unfortunately, this storefront does not meet that requirement.

Please consider returning here to post deals when this storefront reaches 1000 buyer reviews.

You can learn more here: and here:

Tattled. "

Hope this helps clarify the situation for you.


One last follow-up: here's the discussion where PWP officially mentioned the 1000 feedback ratings for ebay and Amazon and where she answered my question about whether there will be any difference between storefront and marketplace vendors. (The answer is no, they'll be treated the same as far as the required feedback ratings.)

This change was just made on November 20.


@magic cave: In my highest pitched voice "My He-row!"


@nmchapma: Aw, shucks. I just want to shop with a fairly high likelihood that the merchant is honest and reliable, so it seems reasonable to try to help make it so. "Be the change you want to see," and all that.

To be honest, I was surprised (but not upset) at how high the bar was set for feedback ratings.


@magic cave: Just one question. How come not a single Amazon Garcinia Cambogia deal on woot meets your boiler plate criteria, yet there they are.. Yet every time I submit my deal, you object to it? I read your reason, and I see that not a single existing deal meets that criteria.. You can see why I might feel a little singled out? I'm offering a generous deal on a great product. There is only one brand of Garcinia on all of Amazon that has more than 1000 reviews. Out of like 400 brands. Effectively, I'm being told to come back in a few years. While my main competitors have deals up and running. Woot is a valuable community to get the word out and give people a chance to try our products. My product is new, but has a 5 start rating. My seller account also has 5 stars. Come on guys.. Let me play too..


@nomaddigitalmarketing: No, I do not see why you feel singled out. You're not owed any special dispensation from the posting requirements, and you're still ignoring that it's seller ratings that count, not product or brand.

Did you read my comment that the change in requirements was made on November 20? Do another search for Garcinia Cambogia. Be sure to click on the box that says MOST RECENT. You will find only ONE recent deal from an Amazon vender, and it was posted 10 days ago, right after the change was made. All the other deals you've complained about were posted prior to November 20, when there were no minimums for feedback ratings.

I don't work here, and I generally don't spend much time here. Like many other wootizens, I simply tattle on non-compliant deals when I find them.

Please stop whining about this. As someone posted earlier, it's time to start listing your deals elsewhere since you don't meet the requirements for posting here. Deal with it.


@magic cave: Hugs and kisses, kiddo, and thanks for providing the entertainment for today. The OP needs to realize how very kind you are, and that it could have been me that had taken notice instead. I don't make helpful comments when I tattle, and if the person seems to be borderline on the Amazon policies, I'll "help" them out on Amazon as well.

I'm just happy that the persons I named elsewhere still have staff markings today (I was afraid that they might not, that something untoward and unpleasant had happened).

The OP would be very wise to take your advice (esp about the whining). I'm busy, right now, but later on, I might be looking for distractions, and I might revisit this particular issue...


@shrdlu: Right back atcha! I'll be around off and on this evening.


@nomaddigitalmarketing: You seem to be taking the tattling of a community member as a personal attack, it isn't. It is simply a member bringing your deals to the attention of the moderators - employees of If a deal does not meet with their rules, they delete it.
No one is singling you out personally. No one knows you to single you out. Your storefront or marketplace listings do not currently meet the criteria for posting here at deals.woot. If you would like to be a part of this community, you could work on meeting those criteria and adding to the community as a whole, become a member trying to make things better.
Being combative and arguing with any attempt to help guide you here will not help you be a successful seller/vendor posting deals here. Read the rules, abide by them. If you do wish to tattle other deals not meeting the rules, make a purchase at any of the sites - that will give you voting rights.


Am posting the following at the request of hizzo87. She told me to post here because she was going to delete my question: "Staff: Could we have another look at the rule that Amazon dealers must have 1000 reviews?" It was deleted. Before that there were several comments.

I do not think this question is where my question/comments belong, but will comply. Would like to say that I sympathize w/the OP. I think s/he has a valid complaint. If s/he was whining...I get it. S/he was in compliance w/many ?s others brought up. the time of the 1000K deletions rule, others had the same deal & were not deleted. More importantly: Many deals that we, the members, post on Amazon are not in compliance w/the 1K requirement.

I had 2 deals deleted in error. Yes, the Zon vendor had over 1000 reviews. To the person who said that members don't delete deals...staff does. That's correct. And sometimes it's in error. Not really the issue I wish to address. What I'm concerned about follows:


Is 1K way too many reviews to hope for? IMO: A resounding yes. Deals on the net are scary; some are shams. One should use caution and evaluate Amazon dealers on their own. Buyer beware, etc. I do not want for deals to be my babysitter. Do appreciate clearly bogus websites being noted. <---Mostly by members, BTW

What about the plethora of other sites that do not have reviews at all? Should we penalize those who do w/unrealistic numbers? Remember - woot doesn't have reviews; nor a phone number.

Should we turn members into the deal police? Must one vet their own Amazon deals before posting them? If so, how many are going to decide posting deals really is not worth the effort. To say nothing about the bland, usual every-day deals. Boring!

Again, I request that staff rethinks the 1K review requirement for deals. It will hamper the posting of Amazon deals. And....will head further into the morass of 'this place is not fun or enjoyable anymore.'


Related aside: Last night on the local news slickdeals was mentioned as a great resource to check for sales and good deals. Wouldn't it be great if deals.woot was thought of in this manner?
I'm just asking that you make it easier and fun to participate here.


@prettywootprincess: Garcinia Cambogia is a new product, very few sellers are able to meet this 1000 review requirement. As a result you will find no deals for this product currently on woot.. None.. Perhaps we need to re-examine this requirement... Also, each time I have attempted to post my coupons on woot and it get's reported, this rule is quoted to me, and I am given a link to read the FAQ.. However this rule is not in the FAQ. I have not been able to find this rule anywhere..


@nomaddigitalmarketing: Garcinia Cambogia is a new product, very few sellers are able to meet this 1000 review requirement. As a result you will find no deals for this product currently on woot.. None.

Because you just tattled on all of them to have them deleted.
We could not fit all the rules in the FAQ.
Here is the information you are looking for, the un-official rules and FAQ: