questionsdid you know woot! just turned nine? (happy…


Oh, our little Woot has gotten SO BIG. Seems like just yesterday it was "One Deal, One Day" and look at it now!


Makes me kind of sad when the little ones grow up.


Just as long as no one is running around in their birthday-suit.


Is everyone ready for the Bag of Cake at 9AM Pacific time? (11AM woot! time)



@curtise: That's enough cake for me, thanks.


At what age did woot jump the shark?


Is it weird that we're celebrating the birthday of something that died a while ago?


@kylemittskus: i take it you've never observed washington's, lincoln's or martin luther king's birthdays? or christmas, if you believe in that sort of thing.

no1 no1

@kylemittskus: I couldn't agree more.

There was a time when I would be excited for an upcoming woot birthday. They were usually bound to have a BoC or some woot lights on this day. Not any more...

On Google calender I have it saved. It notifies me the night before. I don't know why any more :(


@kylemittskus: Maybe it's like the oath from Game of Thrones: "What is dead may never die".


I am LOVING the Bag of Cake webfeed! Jason Toon is hilarious, Pemberducky was amazing (and she had her gloves with her), and there was even a giant gorilla for a time! And a lot of the woot staff are answering questions and chatting about life and woot and stuff. Regrettably the lag on my feed appears to be enough that I am unable to get any of the cake for me, but it's still fun to try :D


Happy Birthday Day! Message took 7 days via telegram... lol