questionsare jumbowoot coupons not worth $5 anymore?


Just used mine on the Wellington and it was $5


Jumbowoot coupons don't work toward shipping. Effective when the site changed and flat $5 Shipping all day was effective.


The coupons only apply to the product's price, not the shipping. If the item is less than $5, then you won't get the full amount.


@jsoko: I did not know that. I mean if you order more than one thing (above $5) you still technically get free shipping, but I wasn't aware it didn't apply to shipping anymore.

Are you certain about that though? I ordered a flashlight a while back and opted for 2 day shipping, and the $5 coupon applied to the total, not the original amount.

EDIT: I guess I can't rule it out, since the original item was more than $5.


@thedogma: If you would have bought 2 of the above item your total pre-shipping would be 5.98 and the $5 coupon would take off $5. So your total with shipping would have been $5.98 rather than $5 with 1 item.


Ah, I didn't realize that they only applied towards the price of the item(s) and not the total purchase. Good to know for future reference!


@jsoko: I think I'd rather have the flat $5 all day shipping anyways!


If you would like it applied towards shipping order something that cost more then $5... : /


@jsoko: I didn't know that either (not entirely sure why I was looking at this thread right now either.. just one of those things I guess)..

Anyways, I always kind of figured the $5 coupon was more or less a "free shipping" coupon.. interesting though. Neo-Wootâ„¢ FTW!